Changes to the original plan are shown in blue

Bishop Eton Parish Awakening Plan

Contributors to plan

Attendees at Parish Awakening (PA) Day

10 October 2015

Responsibility to ensure plan is actioned Parish Core Team (PCT)


  • strengthening our parish communities
  • becoming more inspired by the conviction of God’s gifts
  • allowing God’s gifts in us to flourish
  • renewing our commitment to every aspect of parish life
  • re-energising the younger generations
  • ensuring that everyone feels included fully in parish life
  • ensuring that many more people take responsibility and play a part in the many activities which contribute to the lives of both parishes
  • providing an opportunity for people to commit, to help out, to volunteer and to become more actively involved in parish activities by signing up


Success criteria

  • BE parish community strengthened
  • BE strengthened links with St Mary’s community
  • Parishioners more inspired by the conviction of God’s gifts
  • God’s gifts flourishing
  • Renewal of commitment
  • Younger parishioners playing their part in parish life
  • Housebound enabled to play their part in parish life
  • Everyone feels included fully in parish life
  • People take responsibility and play a part in the parish organisations
  • People volunteer and to become more actively involved in parish groups


Desired outcomes

  •  Increase in
    • Membership of each parish group and organisation
    • Mass attendance
    • Parishioner input into liturgy as e.g. musicians and readers
    • Eucharistic Ministers
    • Funeral Ministers
    • Volunteers coming forward
    • Retention of children and families following first communion
    • Young people taking more responsibility for parish life
  •  20+ people attending each workshop session
  • 100% outreach to housebound
  •  Volunteers joining new organisations in sustainable numbers

The actions in  the plan have been divided into categories. These have been displayed in a tabular form. The list below contains links which will allow you to jump to the category you are interested in.

WelcomingCommunicationsParish OrganisationsNew OrganisationsWorkshopsVolunteersRYMLiturgyLinks with SchoolsCatechesisSpiritualityLinks with St. Mary'sFinancesRe-awakening Conference


Welcoming - coordinated by Kris Reeds




Set up welcoming teams for each Mass K Reeds November
Welcome notice board in porch K Reeds November
Be more welcoming to strangers at Mass All parishioners Daily
Welcome notice to be included in bulletin K Reeds Weekly
Tea and coffee served after Mass on occasions K Reeds Monthly
Produce a visitors’ leaflet J Holden March
Supply welcome cards J Holden December
Produce a History of the Church booklet C Allmand February
New parishioners to complete and return census forms Household On arrival
Ensure census forms are available K Reeds Daily
If details change, parishioners to ensure census forms are completed and returned Each household When necessary
Letter of welcome and information sent to new parishioners as part of welcome pack K Reeds On receipt of census
Ensure welcome is offered, particularly to those joining BE from closed parishes All parishioners Daily

Social afternoon for new parishioners

Time scale modiied. A social afternoon will take place on Saturday 15th October at 1pm

K Reeds October 2016
Parish Celebration and BBQ A Connor July 2016

Communications - coordinated by Kris Reeds




Ensure activities are published in the bulletin Chairs of group Weekly
Ensure activities are published in BE Alive Chairs of group Monthly
Ensure activities are posted on website M Zilnyk Weekly
Advertise certain activities in St Mary’s bulletin as appropriate K Reeds Ongoing
Welcoming signage/notice board outside church J Byrne March
Display the work of various groups in Church or FMHall T Brophy Easter
Bulletin notice inviting agenda items for PCT meetings K Reeds ongoing
PCT meetings posted in porch and circulated by email to full Pastoral Council K Reeds ongoing
Annual meeting of Pastoral Council A Connor January

Installation of webcam to be considered

The proposal of a webcam was included in the Heritage Application. The Application was rejected, therefore there will be no web-cam in the forseeable future.

J Byrne March

Parish organisations - coordinated by Nick McLeod




Pulpit addresses Chair of group Jan/Feb
Organisations to communicate information to website manager

Chair of group/         M Zilnyk

Organisations to send updated details for new parish directory

Chair of group          A Connor

January 2016
Organisations to contribute to displays in Church and hall

Chair of group/         T Brophy

Organisations to contribute article to BE Alive Chair of group/ Monthly
Seek to welcome new members of all ages into the group All group members Always

Groups to offer talks about their work in St Mary’s Parish

Chair of group April

Groups from St Mary’s to be invited to talk about their work in BE

Chair of St Mary’s groups April

New organisations -  coordinated by PCT




Establishment of Women’s Group across both parishes F Chambers and C McVey



Establishment of Youth Justice & Peace group S McGeehan November
Establish a youth committee/council/team F Sibert April 2016

Establish a website team

There were a few volunteers, unfortunately due to other committment they are no longer available.

M Zilnyk January

Workshops -  coordinated by Ann Connor

ACTION Who?  When?

Re-run series of workshops held at PA day

(venues: BE and St Marys)  




Organise new workshops - topics suggested in PA report

(venues: BE and St Marys) 

A Connor



Upload presentations onto website following re-run of workshop programme.  Presenter to forward as appropriate, 

Presenters/ M Zilnyk



Volunteers -  coordinated by PCT

Invite everyone to play their part Ongoing
Follow up on contact details Ongoing
Publish `jobs to be done` when required in bulletin or email volunteers directly Ongoing
Volunteer transport rota for those who need it to Mass Ongoing
Individuals to volunteer their services Ongoing

RYM - coordinated by Margie Zilnyk




RYM group meeting for faith sharing and social engagement P Murphy Fortnightly
RYM group to attend Archdiocesan events P Murphy Occasionally
RYM group to attend national events P Murphy Occasionally

Liturgy - coordinated by Christopher Allmand




Housebound to receive weekly prayers of intercession SVP/Ministers of Eucharistic Weekly
Sunday and weekday Mass ministries to involve new volunteers Rota leader Ongoing
More parishioners to input into ministries eg music, reading All Ongoing
Organise transport for those who need it to Mass SVP Weekly

Links with schools - coordinated by Frances Sibert




Parish priest makes visits to schools Fr T Buckley Weekly
Parish Core Team in contact with 5 headteachers F Sibert Regularly

St Julie’s prints BE Alive

T Alderman Monthly

Catechesis - coordinated by Tricia Brophy




Baptism programme

D Allanson /K Forrest

With You Always – preparation of primary children for Eucharist and Confirmation programme T Brophy Ongoing
RCIA group programme J Keeley Ongoing

Spirituality - coordinated by Jenny Holden




Spirituality focus week

The Novena marking 150 years of the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help took the place of a spirituality focus group.

J Holden September
Rosary prayer group M McCrossan Daily
Divine Mercy prayer M McCrossan Fridays
Bible Study group R Poole Fortnightly
Exposition J Holden Wednesdays
Holy hour M McCrossan 1st Fridays
Churches Together in Mossley Hill prayer group P Maloney Monthly
Meditation Group Sr Jean Weekly
Provide pilgrimage opportunities Anybody
Year of Mercy – programme and communications   2016

Year of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

– programme and communication
  June 2016

Links with St Mary’s - coordinated by Kris Reeds

ACTION Who? Coordinator?



Advertise activities in St Mary’s bulletin as appropriate K Reeds

Kris Reeds

BE organisations to offer talks about their work in St Mary’s Parish if appropriate Chair of group

Finances - coordinated by Dominic Murphy

ACTION Who? Coordinator?



Application to heritage lottery for funding

 (Application Rejected)

J Byrne/ D Murphy

Dominic Murphy

New contract to be established for paper recycling Finance team December
Generate income through Gift Aid Finance team Ongoing
Continue remedial repairs throughout Church site J Byrne Ongoing

Re-awakening conference - coordinated by Ann Connor

ACTION Who? Coordinator?



Parish re-awakening day to be organised Core team Ann Connor 6 May 2017