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Father, we thank you for the love you have shown us in the gift of Jesus, your Son. We thank you for the gift of the Church, through which you show us that you are always with us and are always at work in our lives.


As we journey together to Synod 2020 help us to become the Church that you are calling us to be. May your Holy Spirit be powerfully at work among us. Strengthen each of us and guide Francis, our Pope and Malcolm, our Archbishop.

Help us to respond to the challenges of our times in new ways to bring your love to all our sisters and brothers. We make this prayer through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


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SYNODsynod 2020 logo SUBMISSION

Thank you to all those who responded to the Synod Proposals and Affirmations surveys. 

Andy (with the help of Elisabeth)  has analysed the responses and submitted the parish response which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please note that only 2 Affirmations and 5 Proposals could be submitted per theme.

Next Sunday (18th October) is Synod Sunday and reminds us that as an Archdiocese we are still on the road together towards this momentous event. Perhaps, we might see its postponement as a prophetic opportunity, giving us more time to listen to one another and read the “signs of the times” before making the  necessary decisions that will help us to be “the Church God wants us to be”. If the events of recent months have helped you to clarify your thinking about the shape of the Church in the future, please remember to share your ideas with our Synod  representatives, whose details are on the websites.

(The Bishop Eton Synod Rep can be contacted on  )



Next weekend, 17 and 18 October, we celebrate the third Synod Sunday in the Archdiocese. Originally this was to be the weekend of our Synod 2020 event, but the COVID-19 pandemic means this will now take place in June 2021. On Synod Sunday the summary proposals on our four Synod Themes will be published which you will be able to find on the Synod Website. Over the following weeks our local Synod Members will be inviting your responses to these proposals as we continue to discern the Church God is calling us to be. 


Please watch the video linked to below 'What Sort of Church Do We Want?'  presented by Fr Chris Thomas – Director of the Irenaeus Project


The SYNOD update from the Archbishop  which you can watch  here is  'SYNOD DURING COVID - 19 PART 1.



Revised SYNOD Schedule

SYNOD Timetable


(Deadline is on Monday 18th May- Exended from May 4th)

In the light of the changes COVID-19 has brought to our lives, we reflect on the kind of Church God is calling us to be.

During these days of isolation and social distancing we are experiencing different ways of being Church. Our prayer and worship has become transformed as we gather remotely, online, from our own home. Our sense of community is challenged as we find creative and new ways of coming together to meet to socialise, to work, or to check in on each other. As we live through this difficult and different time, with its many struggles and challenges, we are invited to reflect on what our Synod can learn from our experiences.

The video below assists us in reflection or you can download a leaflet click here


Please sumbit comments/proposals at  (submissions will be accepted until May 18th.(Extended from May 4th)


You will recall that last autumn we launched an initiative by Fr Michael Henesy to try and engage those who do not come to church to share their insights with us, thereby making a unique contribution to the Synod process of consultation. Father Michael has presented the results in the March 2020 BE Alive and they have been forwarded to the Synod Office.  

If you would like a copy of Fr Michael's report please click here

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However, we are also suggesting that our two parishes make a unique contribution to the work of the SYNOD.

It is not clear that we have yet reached out successfully to those who do not come to church, and yet if the SYNOD is to be properly informed we must hear what they have to say.

Accordingly, Fr Michael Henesy has prepared a simple questionnaire, which is available at the back of the church this weekend. If you have members of your family or friends who might be willing to complete this, please take these forms and invite them to consider responding.

You can download an electronic copy of the questionnaire by clicking here.

Please make sure they realise that this is entirely a non- judgemental exercise and to be done anonymously.

We suggest they place the completed forms in a marked envelope and either return through you or directly to the presbytery. THANK YOU.

synod 2020 logoSYNOD 2020 Talks audio & download

On the SYNOD 2020 talks page, you can listen to an audio or download a transcript of the first talk and see details of the upcoming talks.