Have the 2020 First Holy Communions been rescheduled ?

The WYA children will be making their First HolyCommunion at Masses on the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st August at 11am

Fr Tim has asked that these Masses be reserved for the children and their immediate families.

If your child was in the WYA programmes but has missed this series of Masses please contact Trish (whose contact details you should have)

Please note the following general information re attending Masses.

The church has been cleaned and benches have been cordoned off to meet the 1metre+ distancing rules.

We are operating a one way system, entering via the main door of church;

face masks must be worn and after sanitizing your hands you will be guided to your seat; two individuals per bench as marked out, unless a family unit.

We ask that you try to keep touching surfaces to a minimum.

Please remain in your bench throughout Mass. At the end of Mass you will be guided out for Communion and then exit silently and socially distanced via the side chapel and Hughes Room.

There are posters on the door you should read before entering.

Anyone with symptoms should not come into the church.

The vulnerable should consider the wisdom of returning to Mass too soon. The vulnerable includes those over 70 and people with pre-existing conditions.

Stewards will be at various points from entry to exit to ensure that everyone adheres to the protocols.

Church will be cleaned again when everyone has vacated the church.

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