This week we have welcomed Fr Michael McGreevy to our community. The Clapham community has had to disperse while the monastery is being completely renovated, leaving just a skeleton team there to look after the parish and the Ace of Clubs (our centre for those who are homeless and deprived).

It is no secret that many of the confrères in the Bishop Eton community are reaching a stage where they are going to require more support and with Social Services we are investigating ways in which we will be able to provide that help. Once it is clear what the nature of that support will be and how many hours are involved, I anticipate advertising firstly in our bulletins.My hope is that we will be able to build a homogeneous team around the wonderful morning team and the cook who already care so lovingly for us.

Again, on the bright side, Fr Andrew was discharged from hospital on Tuesday and resumed his treatment on Friday. Please keep him and all those who are sick in the community and in our parishes in your prayers.