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Redemptorist Community News

The Parish Team

FrTim1 FrCharles

 Fr Tim Buckley C.Ss.R

Parish Priest


 Fr Charles Randall C.Ss.R

Assistant Priest


Other members of the Redemptorist Community

Fr Andrew

 Fr . Andrew Burns C.Ss.R

The Retor

  Fr Andrew Burns is the Rector of the Community in the Monastery.  Other community members are the parish team above plus:


Fr. Barrie O'Toole C.Ss.R

Fr Jim Casey C.Ss.R

Fr James Smale C.Ss.R

Fr. Brian Russell C.Ss.R

Fr. Kevin Callaghan C.Ss.R

Fr. Tony Hunt C.Ss.R

Fr Tony Johnson C.Ss.R

Fr. Michael Henesy C.Ss.R

Br William McDermott C.Ss.R

Br. Michael Duxberry C.Ss.R

Our Redemptorist Province will be having a visitation from two members of our General Council, so we will try to put our best foot forward. I am sure it will be a time of encouragement and support for all.

October 2013

New Redemptorist 'Beati': This weekend over five hundred martyrs from the time of the Spanish Civil War will be beatified and among them will be six Redemptorists. Bishop Ralph will be attending the ceremony. We celebrate with joy and give thanks to God for the example of these faithful and heroic men.

The beatification took place on  October 27, 2013

More information on these Spanish Martyrs can be found by clicking here

Fr Jim Corrigan CSsR celebrates 60 years of priesthood today. Our Redemptorist community will gather with him and pass on the good wishes and prayers of the whole parish. He spent many years of his priestly life here at Bishop Eton.

Bro Glyn's funeral was a blessed occasion and our thanks to those of you who were able to join us at Bishop Eton last Monday. His family, most of whom are not Catholics, were touched by the occasion and are very grateful to everyone who helped make his life as comfortable as possible during these past few years.

A few days after Bro Glyn's death we heard of the death of another of our Redemptorist Brothers, Cajetan. He had been living at Nazareth House in Aberdeen for many years and his funeral was last Thursday in Perth. In less than three months we have lost three of the six remaining brothers in the Province, so you don't need to be a mathematical genius to realise that there are only three now left: Bro William here in Liverpool, who is doing sterling work at the prison and with Mother Teresa's Sisters in town; Bro Michael who is a prison chaplain in Middlesbrough, and Bro Thomas, who is sacristan in Clapham. Many of you will remember the days when each of our large communities would have had half a dozen brothers, so this is a further reminder of the changing face of the Catholic landscape in this country. I will not harp on about it, but you know that the number of active priests we have has also diminished dramatically. It is almost two years since I took on the care of our two parishes, so I have less than two years to run in the four-year cycle and I think we must continue to dialogue about how to prepare for the future. Watch this space!

New Redemptorist Students: Gerard, Charles and Peter’s Profession was a wonderful occasion. They thank you for your prayers and good wishes.

Click here for the article on the Province web-site

An article and photos of the First Professions of vows of Br Gerard Carroll, Br Charles Randall and Br Peter Morris is now on the Province web-site. Please click here.
Please pray for Gerard Carroll, Charles Randall and Peter Morris, the three Redemptorist novices, who were with us in Bishop Eton last year during their early training. They make their First Profession of the Vows this Saturday at St Mary's, Kinnoull, Perth, and will begin their studies at Heythrop College, London, in the autumn.

To view some photos of the Parish Goodbye events click here.

Thank you to all who made the events a big success. 


Father Desmond wishes to say a very sincere thank you to everybody who worked so hard to make the celebration of the Sacred Triduum so beautiful and prayerful. The dedication of so many people, too many to mention, is very much appreciated.

Bishop Ralph's Installation in Hallam. This Thursday Bishop Ralph will be installed as Bishop of Hallam in St Marie's Cathedral in Sheffield. Most of the Redemptorist community will be there to support him and I am sure you will all keep him in your prayers at this time. I am grateful to Frs Grant Maddock and Stephen Pritchard for the covering the Masses on that day. If you wish to watch the ceremony on the internet, go to

Fr Milcz has headed off to Poland for his holiday. He has promised to pray for us all at Our Lady's Shrine in Czestochowa!


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