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Redemptorist Community News

The Parish Team

FrTim1 FrCharles

 Fr Tim Buckley C.Ss.R

Parish Priest


 Fr Charles Randall C.Ss.R

Assistant Priest


Other members of the Redemptorist Community

Fr Andrew

 Fr . Andrew Burns C.Ss.R

The Retor

  Fr Andrew Burns is the Rector of the Community in the Monastery.  Other community members are the parish team above plus:


Fr. Barrie O'Toole C.Ss.R

Fr Jim Casey C.Ss.R

Fr James Smale C.Ss.R

Fr. Brian Russell C.Ss.R

Fr. Kevin Callaghan C.Ss.R

Fr. Tony Hunt C.Ss.R

Fr Tony Johnson C.Ss.R

Fr. Michael Henesy C.Ss.R

Br William McDermott C.Ss.R

Br. Michael Duxberry C.Ss.R

Comings and Goings: Fr Charles has returned from Granada and reports that the international meeting was a huge success. It was good that Patrick McKean from Bishop Eton and Jen Monkhouse from St Mary’s were able to represent our respective parishes. Charles leaves for some holiday next Friday and will return on August 26. I plan to get away this Tuesday and will return before Fr Andrew leaves for Ireland in time to join Marriage Encounter for the papal visit.

Since Hayley Metcalfe (Bishop Eton) and Ann O’Neill (St Mary’s) are also on leave at present, it will be good if you can leave anything which does not require immediate attention until we are all back later in the month. Kris Reeds and Gill Bickerstaff will keep things ticking over in the offices.

Comings and Goings: We trust that the Youth Gathering in Granada (Spain) is going well. Fr Charles returns this coming Wednesday.

You can follow what is happening in Granada by going to (The page is public so you do not need a Facebook account to view it, however, you may be asked to log in, just click on the not now button and you will be able to continue viewing the page.

Comings and Goings: Fr Charles leaves tomorrow (Monday) for the Redemptorist Youth Event in Granada (Spain) and will not be back until the end of the following week. Meanwhile, Fr Andrew should be back tomorrow evening.

Comings and Goings: Fr Andrew is now in Madrid and Fr Charles is away for a couple of days until Tuesday evening.

FrMilcz2FR JAN MILCZ, CSsR died peacefully at Marie Curie at around 9.00pm last Tuesday evening.

Fr Charles and Bro Michael Taylor were with him.

When I took him Holy Communion last Sunday morning, I sensed that this would probably be the last time I would see him. To say that John had an eventful life would be something of an understatement.

Having been taken prisoner as a boy during the Second World War, he was later to serve in both the Polish and British Armies. His deep faith led him to try his vocation for the priesthood and he joined the Redemptorists in 1958, was professed in 1959 and ordained in 1966. He was a good and holy man and we will miss him, but we are grateful that the final struggle is over.


We, the Redemptorists, are immensely grateful for all the love, friendship and support you have given him over the years and especially for your prayers in these last months of his life. We are also very grateful to Philip Sergeant (who is now coordinating the nursing care of our sick confrères), the carers and nurses who came to the monastery and the staff of Marie Curie during these final weeks. May he rest in peace. 

His funeral will be on Wednesday 11 July at Noon.


I have finally returned to base. The days with the military chaplains proved another rewarding experience. I do admire their challenging vocation, witnessing to the faith often in less than ideal circumstances.

Fr Charles is taking part in a vocations meeting in Clapham this weekend.

Fr Andrew leaves us next Friday for a ten-day Marriage Encounter Meeting in Madrid. When he returns the schools will have broken up for the summer holidays, England will have won the World Cup and hopefully we can all relax for a few days!


Fr Andrew has returned from the Marriage Encounter Council meeting in Italy.

I will be away again for the first part of this week, this time in Hampshire, facilitating a meeting of the Catholic military chaplains. When I return we will be in the last phase of the academic year, so I look forward to celebrating the remaining Leavers’ Masses and ensuring that we tie up all the ends successfully before the summer holidays.

Please continue to pray for Fr Tony Hunt, who has had another few days in hospital during the past week because of an infection. Fr John Milcz is now in the Marie Curie Hospice and Fr Barrie O’Toole remains with his sister in Ripon.


Over the next ten days Fr Andrew Burns will also be away, attending a European  Council meeting for Marriage Encounter in Italy.

Please give Fr Charles Randall all your support as he tries to ensure the smooth running of the Novena and the parishes.

Fr Tony Hunt has been in and out of hospital again and Fr John Milcz continues to need a fair amount of support.

On the happier side of things, please note that Fr Kevin Callaghan is soon to celebrate his Diamond Jubilee of Priesthood.

Life DayThis Sunday has been especially designated as a Day of Prayer for Life, with the emphasis this year on the tragedy of human trafficking. Leaflets available in the porch. Listen to the below to hear of some of the work Caritas is doing to help those trafficked.

COMINGS AND GOINGS: I am happy to report that Fr Tony Hunt returned to the monastery during the week, but the sepsis has certainly drained him of energy. Fr John Milcz now has an excellent care package in place, which means that both of them have regular visits each day to help them cope. Fr Barrie O’Toole remains in good spirits. Fr Andrew plans to visit him this coming week and will be away from Tuesday to Thursday.


Fr Andrew duly returned from a successful but exhausting international meeting of Marriage Encounter and has since dashed to London for a Redemptorist finance meeting.

My visit to the Naval Base in Portsmouth at the beginning of last week was helpful and I will try and prepare well for the few days I will spend with the military chaplains in early July.

Fr Tony Hunt is gradually making progress in hospital.

Fr Jan Milcz has a helpful care package in place and is better.

Fr Barrie O’Toole continues to be cared for by his sister and the Health Service in North Yorkshire.

Each of them is grateful for your good wishes and prayers.


On Monday evening Fr Tony Hunt showed all the signs of sepsis and indeed had to be rushed into the Royal that evening. The medics are still trying to determine the cause of the problem and we are hoping and praying that his other leg is not the source of the infection.

On Wednesday morning, Fr John Milcz was very unwell and also had to be taken to the Royal, but he has come home and we are trying to organise a more thorough care package for him.

Fr Barrie O’Toole will remain with his sister in Ripon for the foreseeable future and his notes have been transferred to the medics in Yorkshire. Please pray for our confrères who are sick: it is a further reminder of just how fragile our situation is becoming.

Fr Provincial visited overnight on Thursday/Friday. Fr Burns returns this evening and I will be away on Monday and Tuesday, planning a few away days for the military chaplains, which I will be giving in early July.


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