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Redemptorist Community News

The Parish Team

FrTim1 FrCharles

 Fr Tim Buckley C.Ss.R

Parish Priest


 Fr Charles Randall C.Ss.R

Assistant Priest


Other members of the Redemptorist Community

Fr Andrew

 Fr . Andrew Burns C.Ss.R

The Retor

  Fr Andrew Burns is the Rector of the Community in the Monastery.  Other community members are the parish team above plus:


Fr. Barrie O'Toole C.Ss.R

Fr Jim Casey C.Ss.R

Fr James Smale C.Ss.R

Fr. Brian Russell C.Ss.R

Fr. Kevin Callaghan C.Ss.R

Fr. Tony Hunt C.Ss.R

Fr Tony Johnson C.Ss.R

Fr. Michael Henesy C.Ss.R

Br William McDermott C.Ss.R

Br. Michael Duxberry C.Ss.R

Fr Charles will be in Lourdes this week with the HCPT group from his old school, the Salesian College in Farnborough. Best wishes to our own parishioners who will also be with HCPT groups: may they all be richly blessed. At the end of the week Fr Andrew leaves for a Marriage Encounter meeting in Toronto and will not be back with us until Friday 10 May


Fr Andrew left on Thursday for Brussels, not to try and sort out Brexit, but for another international meeting ofMarriage Encounter. He then has Provincial Council meetings and will not be back with us until Thursday. Fr Charles has returned from his break but will be leaving us at the end of this week for the Parish Mission in Norbury, South London. He will be back with us in Holy Week.


Fr Charles, Fr Andrew and I will be in Clapham tomorrow (Monday) for a Provincial Council Meeting. Thereafter, Fr Charles will take a break until the following Monday


Fr Charles is due to give a parish mission with Fr Charlie Corrigan in Norbury (South London) later in Lent and is away this weekend preparing the way.

I made a mistake in last week’s bulletin, thinking Fr Andrew would be in Dover with Marriage Encounter this weekend. In fact he guided a morning of recollection in St Mary’s on Saturday. However, he will be away on Redemptorist business for most of the coming week.

Comings and Goings:

I very much enjoyed my week in Gibraltar with Bishop Ralph, in spite of the fact that the weather was not as settled as it was here. Indeed some of you may have seen the British Airways flight last Monday morning being blown around and unable to land at the airport! This weekend Fr Charles has been at the youth event, Flame, at Wembley.

Fr Andrew will be away next weekend with Marriage Encounter in Dover

Gill Bickerstaff has returned from her visit, working alongside our confrères in Zimbabwe, touched by the cheerfulness and faith of the people, who have so little by comparison to ourselves, but who cope with such grace and dignity.

Frances is staying on until towards the end of this month. Frances has written an article for the March 2019 edition of BE Alive. Click here for the magazine.


Fr Andrew has hardly been able to draw breath since we returned from the Chapter in Perth a couple of weeks ago. In the interim, he has had meetings in Glasgow, Manchester and Perth, plus Marriage Encounter sessions in Madrid and Daventry. He returns this Tuesday evening and hopefully will be able to touch base for a couple of weeks before he heads for Brussels.

Comings and Goings:

Fr Charles returns to be with us this weekend: we hope in fine spiritual fettle after his retreat!   Although Fr Andrew has a Saturday engagement, we will have the full complement of priests available on Sunday, so I will not have quite such a manic Sunday morning as last week.

May I just say how pleased I was with the liturgies and prayer services for that special Remembrance Day. Thanks to one and all.

Comings and Goings:

Fr Andrew has been in Madrid since Wednesday but returns this Sunday evening. Fr Charles will be making his personal retreat at St Beuno’s this week. Fr Henesy has made his usual speedy recovery from a second cataract operation and is already back in action.

Comings and Goings:

This weekend, Fr Andrew is away for the second of three successive weekends on Marriage Encounter business.

Fr Henesy had a second cataract operation on Friday and one or two or the community have been under the weather during the past week. Hopefully, with the help of the visiting deacons, we will manage.

Comings and Goings: Fr Andrew is in Cardiff this weekend with Marriage Encounter. Otherwise we are all in residence for the time being.

Comings and Goings: Fr Charles has returned from Granada and reports that the international meeting was a huge success. It was good that Patrick McKean from Bishop Eton and Jen Monkhouse from St Mary’s were able to represent our respective parishes. Charles leaves for some holiday next Friday and will return on August 26. I plan to get away this Tuesday and will return before Fr Andrew leaves for Ireland in time to join Marriage Encounter for the papal visit.

Since Hayley Metcalfe (Bishop Eton) and Ann O’Neill (St Mary’s) are also on leave at present, it will be good if you can leave anything which does not require immediate attention until we are all back later in the month. Kris Reeds and Gill Bickerstaff will keep things ticking over in the offices.


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