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As 2012 draws to a close the One World Group would like to thank all those who have supported our fundraising activities throughout what has been a very busy year for everyone. This year we have had fewer events, unfortunately some planned events had to be cancelled due to slow ticket sales, but those we did hold were very well attended and great fun.

This year although we have had a smaller Committee, we have been lucky to be able to draw on help from non-committee members. We are extremely grateful to you and take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance. Also, we would like to say a big thank you to our partners and families for their continued help and support. We are also delighted that Sarah Eccleston has joined the One World Group.

We would like to highlight the events and the money raised through your generous support be it through your attendance or kind donations

  • On 29th April, we held our Sunday Afternoon Cream Tea with beautiful homemade sandwiches and delicious cakes. Supporting us on this occasion was Pat from Booker Florists who demonstrated and talked through some wonderful flower arrangements that were kindly donated for raffle prizes. We raised £750.00
  • Unfortunately, the planned "Midsummer Evening" at Childwall Golf Club had to be cancelled.
  • In July, tickets were sold to attend the Philharmonic to attend an afternoon of Crosby Orchestra. This raised £210.00
  • On 14th October we hosted a "Sunday Lunch" at 60 Hope Street. This is the second year we have held this event and again we enjoyed marvellous support in this great venue, good food and a lovely relaxed atmosphere. We raised £575.00.
  • Fri 19th October. Coffee morning in Fisher-More Hall. This fundraiser was in aid of Kanvilli, a Christian Brothers School in Tamale, Northern Region of Ghana. The money raised for this event went towards educational resources at the school. Clare O'Brien who studied at St Edwards College spent six weeks as a Volunteer Teaching Assistant at Kanvilli from 1st November. The proceeds from this fundraiser plus £1,000 donated by OWG will go a long way at Kanvilli, a school that strives under great financial pressure to give the best education it can.
  • On 25th November, we held an Edwardian Cream Tea where we were serenaded for the first part with our very own One World Brass Ensemble, made up of family members, who played a lovely selection of Christmas Music. We were extremely pleased to welcome back Margaret O'Brien who gave an Edwardian Theme talk taking us back to Christmas 1913 in our very own "Eton Hall". Margaret dressed in period costume and brought with various authentic Edwardian goods which the National Trust had kindly donated as prizes. £802.00 was raised in the process.

To add to these planned fundraisers, we also received very generous donations of £632.00. Thank you so much.

We have been delighted to be able to make the following awards this past year:

  • £500 to Sister Helena from the Notre Dame Sisters
  • £1,200 to The Chigwell Sisters (the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary) who run a programme called "Households in Distress" based in Zambia. They provide centres to give help, advice and assistance to families affected by HIV/AIDS. The sisters educate families in how to provide care for their dying relatives at home. Essential equipment for example a mattress, basic medicines and clean water are provided. Our connection with the order came through a parishioner whose own sister was a Chigwell Sister working in Zambia.
  • £1,000 to Mrs Pat Cameron, Hope One World, who organised a trip to India to support educational needs.
  • £1,000 to the Edmund Rice Trust through Claire O'Brien who visited Kanville School in Ghana in November/December 2012

Whilst giving our update we would also like to reiterate that the One World Group are a small group of parishioners who raise funds to support a few projects in the developing world to help, mainly on an educational level and to try and improve their health care standards. The group was started in 1983, because of the direct links through parishioners with the groups supported at that time. The groups heavily relied on the financial assistance the One World Group provided so that they could plan for tomorrow. We have no administrative costs. Every penny raised goes to improve the lives of those in the developing world and the letters, photos and project updates we receive are a great source of inspiration and encouragement to the then and present group.

Once again on behalf of the One World Group, thank you all so much for supporting our fundraising activities. As you know, all funds raised do go to our projects mainly in Africa and other developing countries.

If you would be interested in becoming part of The One World Group as a committee member or indeed a non-committee helper, please contact Cath McVey on 722 3680
Teresa Jackson, Chairperson

Teresa Jackson (Chairperson)
Cath McVey (Secretary)
Colette Nawrocki (Treasurer)

The December 2012 update from Friends of the Holy Land can be read by clicking here.FHL logo

 Having spoken with him several times during the past week, the community is happy to report that Fr Tim is in very fine form. To date everything seems to have gone extremely well. Now he must simply sit back and relax for a couple of weeks, to ensure that he comes back to the parish fighting fit. He thanks all of you for your prayers and good wishes, all have been greatly appreciated.

Fr. Tim’s “Progress Report”! Having spoken with him several times during the past week, the community is happy to report that Fr Tim is in very fine form. To date everything seems to have gone extremely well. Now he must simply sit back and relax for a couple of weeks, to ensure that he comes back to the parish fighting fit. He thanks all of you for your prayers and good wishes, all have been greatly appreciated.

deacon john


Deacon John Keeley: The reinstatement of the permanent diaconate after the Second Vatican Council has been a great gift to the church. It has meant that married and family men have been able to bring a new dimension to ministry, but this has been possible only with the loving support of the rest of the family. It is for that reason that we again extend our congratulations to John, Maureen and all the family for the past 25 years of John's ministry in this parish.

Census forms: we have had a great response to the census and details are gradually being entered into our database. The Parish Pastoral Group is identifying those who have offered help in various capacities and you will all be contacted in due course, but please feel free to contact leaders directly if you are interested in helping in any way. Please keep sending in forms if you have not already done so. This is an ongoing exercise so it is never too late. Please also remember to let us know of any changes/moves in the future.

Click here for an electronic copy of the form.

Please note that the Parish directory contains full contact details. If you want to contact the core team click here for contact details.

Error in Parish Directory. Please amend the telephone number for Rainbows on p26 of your personal copies to 724 1524.

The Archdiocese website had several reports on the visit of Archbishop Kelly and Fr. Mark Madden to the Holy Land. You can access these reports by clicking on the below links.

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Photos of the recent Fundraiser for the Mavambo Trust are now available. Click here to see them

The Movambo Trust is run by Brother Benjamin Posvo C.Ss.R and helps 20,000 vulnerable children in the Tafara and Mavuku Townships.

The Half Marathon Runners (and Cyclists) were delighted to present a cheque for £4,624.67 to Fr Desmond this week to support the great work of The Mavambo Trust, Zimbabwe.


The overall total raised over the last three years now stands at an incredible £14,047. Many many thanks.

Click here for photos of the run and cheque presentation.


Liverpool Half Marathon Bishop Eton runners for Project Zimbabwe. Overall we had ten runners and all completed the course safely. With sponsorship monies collected and pledges outstanding it looks like the 2012 total raised will be some £3078.18. Again the runners would like to express their sincere thanks for all the very generous support, words of encouragement and cheers on the day!

To view photos of the event click here

Zimbabwe Christmas Project:

Thank you for all the support for our Redemptorist communities in Zimbabwe. There remain just a few of the gift vouchers (akin to Oxfam and CAFOD vouchers) at the Monastery for Bro Benjamin's project among the children who are victims of the AIDS pandemic. Please see the poster in the porch. A £10 voucher will feed a child-headed household or a group of AIDS orphans for a month. Please hand in donations to the Monastery.


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