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Project Zimbabwe - Tile appeal

ZimbabwetilesFrances explains why we hope to tile 3 classrooms in Zimbabwe

It was almost my last week and I spent it with the young children at the Mavambo Learning Centre. I watched the children before school trying to get rid of the dust from the concrete floors and then, using a rag, to try to polish it. As they did this, their eyes streamed with the dust and the only clothes they had were being covered in grease from the rag. It was upsetting.

The teachers were asking for tiles. I remembered Bro. David saying this on my first visit. Could this be our next project?

 I measured each classroom and then went to speak to Bro. Benjamin to arrange a quote. A man came and measured the classrooms so as to give a quote for the work. Hotfoot into Bro. Benjamin on the Fri-day morning, (I was leaving on the following Wednesday), he asked if I  had received the email with the quote. My response was “You are having a laugh”.

Armed with a list of places to buy tiles, I was off driving round Harare. Back in Alphonse House with my scale drawing and with Bro. David, we had a quote that was do-able.

With a grid to represent the tiles for each class we hope that the parish and friends would like to donate a tile for £4 and put their name (or the name of someone they want to dedicate the tile to) on the grid. When all three cards are filled in we will have enough for the project. I will take the cards over and hang them in the rooms in Zimbabwe.

Fr Barrie’s name is already on one of the tiles. The sale of the tiles began at the Garden Party on 30th June and continues at the monastery until all are sold.

NSPCC video series on keeping safe on line

The NSPCC are creating an online video series to help parents keep their children safe on-line

To learn more visit

Project Zimbabwe:

Tiles for classrooms will be available to buy for a donation of £4 each after Masses this weekend. (For the background on this project please read this months BE Alive.)  

They will also be available from the monastery during the week

Quiz Night:

Please note there will be NO QUIZ NIGHT in August. It will resume in September.

Thank you from the McQuillan family

The family of Eileen McQuillan RIP would like to say thank you for all of the kindness and support offered by so many members of the parish. A Mass will be said for your intention. 

SVP LOGOSVP food collection

Please help the local food bank. You can donate via the Monastery weekdays 10.00am—6.00pm. Cans, pasta, rice and non-perishables gratefully accepted. Thank you

Divine Mercy Prayer Group

Each Friday the Divine Mercy Prayer group meet at 7.30pm in the Hughes Room and everyone is welcome.

Café Memoir


Nugent say Thank you to our Justice and Peace Group

A message for business owners from the Medaille trust


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