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Fr Tim

Summertime: Please remember that for the next five weeks there will be no early Mass at 7.00am.

Hopefully this will provide a little more room for manoeuvre in our Redemptorist community and help us to recharge the batteries.

Fr Tim : SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. We wish the staff and students of all our schools a thoroughly enjoyable summer break and hope that in September we will all be feeling refreshed and renewed and ready for the new academic year.


The week the schools reassemble is the week leading up to the Eucharistic Congress and we have two special fringe events at Bishop Eton.

A Holy Hour with children and families on Friday 7 September at 6.00pm and a lunchtime event following the noon Mass on Saturday 8 September.

There are leaflets with details of all the events across the city at the back of the church this weekend.

Our Junior Justice and Peace Group are already gearing up for the family event. I am hoping that all our altar servers will take part and help with a procession through the grounds (weather permitting).

We have added a section to the website with details of the programme click here. For the latest news click here

Please note there is a photo in the porch of our official Parish Delegates, their photo also appears in the July copy of BE Alive


Reality (July/August)This is the magazine from Redemptorist Communications in Ireland. Some of you may be interested in an article which they commissioned me to write, entitled: Coping with Marriage Breakdown in the Church. We have received a few extra copies this month and they are at the back of the church. If there are not enough, please let us know and we will see whether we can get some more or get permission to reproduce the article. Reality costs £2.

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Today, our titular Feast Day, we wish you all every blessing. As we explained previously, this weekend the priests of the pastoral area are swapping churches, to give witness to the fact that we are trying to pool our resources and work more and more collaboratively. We welcome, Fr Stephen Pritchard, the Dean, to St Mary’s and his note about this weekend is included in this bulletin. I am grateful to Fr Stephen and all the clergy of the pastoral area that they have agreed to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Redeemer, not only in the parishes under the care of the Redemptorists but in all the parishes this weekend. However, the readings will be the usual Sunday readings and they are very appropriate for the occasion.

Redemptorist Student Fund: On this feast day we usually ask you to help contribute to the fund for the education of our students, but since the collection at the Novena was specially earmarked for that cause, we are not having another collection this year. Incidentally, the final total from the Novena was £4,211. Once again, ‘thank you’ and congratulations!

THE NOVENA FOR OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR: Thank you for supporting this wonderful event in such great numbers. On your behalf, I thank Fr Charlie Corrigan and Brothers Michael and Royston for all their efforts, which I know will continue to bear fruit in many ways. For myself, I can only reiterate what I said last weekend: the experience in Clapham was utterly rewarding. I found the experience of returning to the place of my birth and upbringing and being able to share and minister far more moving than I had anticipated.

Photos: Click on the Themes below to see the photos for that day

Date  Theme Strapline
 19th June Healing Fully Alive in the Glory of God
 20th June Reconciliation Be Opened
 21st June Love of God Heart speaks unto heart
 22nd June Prayer Giving Glory to God
 23rd June Remembrance Mary Remember Us
 24th June Witness Pass on what you have received
 25th June The Eucharist How we share the Eucharist
 26th June Discipleship Mary: Woman, Mother, Disciple
 27th June  Our Lady Ark of God's own promise

Visiting Fr John Milcz: Thank you for your love and care for Fr John, due to his illness he is very tired and needs plenty of rest. For this reason, the Hospice has asked us to coordinate a schedule of visitors. If you would like to visit we ask that you leave your name and number at the monastery reception.


I am happy to report that I am having a wonderful time in Clapham. Demanding as it is to give four sessions each day, the response and encouragement of the community and the people is life-giving and I feel truly blessed. Furthermore, the weather is quite magnificent and I manage a couple of walks across the Common each day!   Reports of the event in Liverpool are equally encouraging: may the Lord continue to bless all our efforts and may we all fittingly celebrate Mary’s Feast this coming Wednesday:



THE NOVENA FOR OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR: This Sunday Fr Charles Corrigan and the students will speak at all the Masses both here and at St Mary’s about their plans for the nine days, which begin this Tuesday 19 June. I am sure you will do all you can to make this special event truly blessed. At the same time, as I preach the Novena in my hometown of Clapham, I will be very conscious of our united prayer that our Blessed Lady will help us become more and more faithful disciples of her Son. 

Please note that the second period of Adoration on Wednesday will end earlier than usual to accommodate the Novena Service

THE EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS: For anyone interested, it will be possible from tomorrow (11 June) to book directly to be a delegate at the Eucharistic Congress. Please go to the website:

Please note there is a dedicated page on the Archdiocesan website - which has lots of useful information and links.

If you would like to read Fr Tim's talk on the Eucharist and St Alphonsus that he gave at the Carmelite convent click here.


Next Sunday Fr Charles Corrigan and the students will speak at all the Masses both here and at St Mary's about their plans for the nine days, which begin on Tuesday 19 June.

I hope that there will be a wonderful response this year. It can link into our prayerful preparations for the Eucharistic Congress and the Synod which will follow in 2020.


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