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Fr Tim


 It would be wonderful if the present spring-like weather continues through next week. Whatever the weather, I hope all our staff and pupils have an excellent break in the coming days. I am going to a take week away in Gibraltar with Bishop Ralph from this Wednesday. The weather forecast for Gibraltar does not look as good as for the UK!

Fr Andrew is in Brussels this weekend for a Marriage Encounter meeting, but should be back this Sunday evening.


Frances S and Gill B finally arrived in Zimbabwe after a plane delay meant they had an unscheduled overnight stay in Dubai. We will continue to keep them in our prayers.


The response to my note in last week’s bulletin has been truly remarkable. At the time of writing, the money from envelopes handed in is has reached £1,775. Thank you so much for this extraordinary generosity.


This weekend the priests of the Pastoral Area are swapping parishes once again. We welcome Fr Matthew Nunes, parish priest in Halewood and one of those masterminding the Synod. I know you will give him a warm welcome.

We will be linking our liturgies with the Solemn Opening of the Synod in the Cathedral last Sunday. The more interested and involved we all become, the more likely the Synod will bear much fruit. Like Isaiah and Jesus’ disciples in today’s readings, let’s be open to the call of the Lord. Please take a Synod prayer card from the porch.

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As you know, this wonderful country is facing renewed turmoil at this present time. This Monday, Frances Sibert (Bishop Eton) and Gill Bickerstaff (St Mary’s) are flying there to work on the Redemptorist mission for the next few weeks. We wish them safe passage and every blessing in this venture and assure them of our daily prayers.


This Sunday afternoon at 3.00pm in the Cathedral Archbishop Malcolm launches the Synod by commissioning all the delegates who will be representing the wider community of priests and people.

Please pray for God’s blessing on this venture as the process of listening and formulating propositions begins in earnest.


I am convinced that the arrival of our Syrian family is one of the greatest blessings our parish could have received. The energy and goodwill that it has unleashed is remarkable.

In company with the family, a good number of the team were able to accept the invitation to visit Penny Lane Mosque last Saturday evening. It is hard to put into words the wonderful welcome we received and the atmosphere of goodwill that pervaded the whole event.

Perhaps it is best summed by the fact that, when he spoke, the Imam concentrated on two of the ninety-nine titles of God, namely those which relate to MERCY and PEACE: echoes of Pope Francis?



The feast takes place next Saturday, after which our crib will come down.


Next Sunday afternoon at 3.00pm in the Cathedral Archbishop Malcolm will launch the Synod by commissioning all the delegates who will be representing the wider community of priests and people. Please pray for God’s blessing on this venture as the process of listening and formulating propositions begins in earnest.


Fr Charles attended the UCM ecumenical lunch at St Mary’s last Wednesday and Andrew, the curate at St Peter’s, gave a powerful address to the group.

I managed to look in at that event as well as meeting for a short time with the clergy of Woolton earlier in the morning.

I also attended the Installation of the new vicar of All Saints, Childwall, the Reverend Andrew John Colmer, last Wednesday evening.

My thanks to those of you who continue to ensure that ecumenical contact is maintained wherever possible, notably Jenny Holden and her walking group. Our thanks to the Focolare community for their Open House last Thursday.


We pray during these days, until the Feast of the Conversion of   St Paul this coming Friday, that the Lord’s prayer that “we may all be one” will one day be realised. It seems to me that we might usefully extend our prayer this year to include the needs of our country and the rest of Europe as we watch in dismay the interminable wrangling over Brexit and the disunity that accompanies it. I also ask you to pray for the people of Zimbabwe and our Redemptorist mission there as we hear reports of increasing unrest and violence


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