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BE Green

BE Green Project

List of the ideas generated at the launch meeting held on 17 September 2019

On the 17 September 2019 the BE Green Project was launched. Fr Casey led us in prayer before a series of presentations and some brainstorming. A list of ideas was generated. This list will be shortlisted and we will attempt to become a Live Simply Community.  Live Simply is a CAFOD initiative.

Paper saving

1  Use IT to share weekly news – email or WhatsApp group.

2  J&P group to help less IT skilled adults to use IT in order to reduce paper usage.

3  Reduce the amount of printing – newsletter and BE Alive.

Recycling and plastics

1  Make the Church/Monastery/FMH single-use plastic free.

2  Make the Church a centre for specialised recycling / install specialist recycling pods. 

3  Initiate a regular swap shop and/or fix it sessions in the FMH.

4  “BE Freecycle” – install a noticeboard where we can offer useful things , which would otherwise go to the tip, to other Parishioners for free. 

5  Encourage clothes recycling. 


1  Share a smart watch app to monitor the wider BE Parish community’s carbon footprint against agreed target.

2  Create and share a Bishop Eton App.

Green space

1  Convert the car park to a vegetable garden.

2  Plant trees at BE and across the Parish.

3  Install one or more water butts at BE for use in the grounds.

4  Buy / build bird boxes, bird feeders, bee houses and bug hotels to be sited around the Parish eg 25 bug hotels.

5  Wildlife seeding around grave-stones / make the grave area into a wildflower meadow.

6  Create a BE Parish vegetable patch.

7  Introduce a compost bin at BE.

8  Set a target for new trees across the Parish (100?). If you can’t plant one, would you like to buy one for someone else?

9  Plant fruit trees and bushes in the Monastery garden.


1  Invest in bike racks (under CCTV), to encourage parishioners to cycle, rather than drive, to Church.

2  Encourage car-sharing when travelling to Church.

3  Reduce car park spaces / make more disabled spaces to encourage people to walk.

4  Introduce a ‘walk to Church’ Sunday.

5  Operate a Church Bus.

6  Install electric charge points in the car park for electric cars.


1  Seek out ways to reduce electricity usage at BE eg install sensors on lights

2  Research green energy suppliers. 

3  Install solar panels on FMH.

Other ideas

1  Agree, and measure against, monthly targets for recycling, not throwing away food etc.

2  Run a competition for the most ecofriendly family in the Parish.

3  Set monthly BE Green challenges / tips to the whole Parish via the newsletter. 

4  Celebrate Perfect World, World Eco Day.

5  Rear BE chickens.

6 Hold a series of talks eg from RSPB, Wildflower Trust etc.

Pope’s Video message to the UN Climate summit




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BE Green Project with CAFOD:

If you are concerned about the impact humankind is having on our precious planet, please support our environmental project here at Bishop Eton.

Every parishioner is invited to attend the project’s launch meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 17 September in the Fisher-More Hall.

Perhaps you would like to watch the following video before Tuesday's meeting

You can find out more about what CAFOD's approach at (where you will find another video plus associated information). Alternately you could read Pope Francis Letter Laudate Si by clicking here



Creation Mass 30th June 2019

At the Children's Mass on 30th June 2019, we celebrated God's creation and Tim Walsh the Parish's CAFOD representative spoke to the congregation.


IMG 8597

Fr Tim with the Children with the zeros that they had decorated. Zeros were later spotted at the Parish Garden Party


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