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FHL logoFriends of the Holy Land Fundraiser

4th July 2017


The 4th July  fund raiser at Eton Place appears to have been most enjoyable.  It was a sell out, parochial boundaries were down (thank God) and fifty good people representing eight local Catholic churches raised £650 for Friends of the Holy Land.  His Grace, Archbishop Emeritus Patrick, although unable to come, was generous with his good wishes, and Fr Mark Madden KCHS proved a most able substitute.  We were also joined by Fr Andrew Burns CSSR, Fr Jim Casey CSSR, seminarian Tom Clarke, and local pp Fr Tim Buckley CSSR visited. 

The event  was also well supported by 164 circle of the Catenians, eight of them being accompanied by their wives. ( We will have to find a wife for president Phil Gray. )
Extremely generous donations from were received from absent friends, and thanks must go especially to Turgut and his team who worked tirelessly on the night, Donna and Mike, who provided the brochures and tickets, Frances and Gillian who conducted a very successful raffle, and Irene.
It has been suggested that it becomes annual event.
The next "P" on the agenda is prayer, the monthly Mass for Peace and Justice at Midday on Saturday 5th August at Bishop Eton. 
In addition I have received several e-mails from Archbishop Patrick about the recent debate held in Parliament about the peace in the Holy Land.  He pointed to the wisdom of Pope Paul VI, peace without justice is not real peace. It was clearly of too little importance for the media to follow?  
Best wishes and thank you
Dave Hart


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