The Liturgy area within the Parish Pastoral Group covers the following activities:

Altar servers, Eucharistic Adoration, Church Flowers; Laundry Ladies; Lay Funeral Ministry, Ministry of the Word, Music Ministry, Ministers of Holy Communion and Sacristans.

The Liturgy representative on the Parish Core team is Susan.

If you can help in anyway or have any questions on Liturgy within the parish please contact us  


Girls and boys, men and women assist with the liturgy by serving on the altar. Anyone of any age who has made his/her First Holy Communion may become a server. Formal training will be made available in due course. New recruits also learn through observation during Mass.

If anyone wishes to become an altar server they should contact the Parish Deacon in the first instance. Former altar servers are welcome to rejoin at any time.

Altar-wear: a team of people to look after the cassocks and cottas would greatly support this service.

If you would like to volunteer please contact the Parish Office .uk



DSCF0057The church flowers team serves God by helping to present the church as a welcoming place to pray. 

The team buys flowers every two weeks and the members get together in church to prepare new flower displays. Then every couple of days a member of the team calls into church to water the flowers and keep the displays looking beautiful.

New members are always welcome to join us on a regular basis or to cover for occasional illness or holidays. There are times of the year when we are very busy, such as preparing the church for Christmas, when more help would be most welcome. 


adorationEucharistic Adoration takes place on Wednesdays, starting after the 7.00am Mass and ending just before the start of the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Hope. A rota is maintained of those willing to watch.

To quote St. Alphonsus Liguori (the founder of the Redemptorists)

"Of all devotions, that of adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the greatest after the sacraments, the one dearest to God and the one most helpful to us" 

If you wish to join the rota, send your name to the Parish office. .uk


The laundry ladies aim to sustain the quantity of clean altar linen required for all of the Masses at Bishop Eton.

The team take it in turn to collect, wash, starch, iron and return the purificators, lavabo towels and corporals.

New volunteers are always welcome. If you are unable to collect and return the linen to church do not worry you could still join the rota. 


Lay funeral ministers serve the community by leading funeral services when there is no priest or deacon available or when it is pastorally desirable for a lay person to lead a particular service.

If you are interested in this ministry speak to Fr. Tim.


Lectors and Ministers of the Word make Christ present in the midst of the faithful, by proclaiming God's word at Mass with conviction. To assist all readers in preparing to read the Word an article has been written by Fr. Peter Morris. Please click here to read it.

Readers should have the confidence to read clearly and may have some previous experience or competence in public speaking. Readers proclaim the Word of the Lord and also read the bidding prayers.

There are separate rotas for each Sunday Mass and for the weekday Masses.

In addition to reading the readers at the noon weekday Mass may remain on the sanctuary to serve the Mass if there is no other server.

More readers are always welcome. 

The Ministry of the Word at the Sunday 10am (Family) Mass is organised as part of the Children's Liturgy.


IMG 2978

Infant children, that is those aged 3-7 years are taken into Little Church which aims to help the children understand the Mass readings.

The allows the priest to preach to older children and adults in church whilst the younger children worship elsewhere.

The children leave the church at the beginning of Mass and go to the Fisher-More Hall where they worship with the catechists returning to Mass at the start of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. There is a group of adult catechists who take it in turns to lead the session.

Every week a different family takes responsibility for reading God's Word and the bidding prayers. The family also undertakes the offertory procession. A monthly family rota is established ensuring that each family has a chance to take part. Every family is encouraged to volunteer for a slot on the rota. 

Anyone is welcome to join the team of Little Church catechists. However, new catechists must undertake a DBS check.

Able singers and instrumentalists are also encouraged to join the music group. 


Each Sunday Mass has its own distinctive flavour. Despite this the musicians and singers combine forces during Holy Week, providing a mix of traditional and modern music for the Easter Triduum.

The folk groups  (from 10am and 6pm) also work together at the Parish Celebration of Carols. 

SUNDAY - 10.00AM 

The ‘10am’ music group plays and sings at the parish’s family mass (every Sunday at 10am). Whilst their aim is to enhance the liturgy with beautiful music, the group also aspires to reflect the nature of the family mass with joyful sound and enthusiastic participation (including from many of the parish’s children who regularly form a wonderful and inspiring percussion ‘backline’ for the final hymn). Reverence is maintained but the children (and adults!) leave with joy and wide smiles!

The group is made up of adults and children who work closely with the Catechists of the Little Church and the ‘With you Always’ children’s sacramental programme. The group can often be found providing the music for First Holy Communion Masses, the Children’s Nativity and the Children’s Way of the Cross.

New members are always and genuinely welcome. Musical ability is helpful but not as important as simply being enthusiastic! We do hope you come and join us in our ministry.

SUNDAY - 11.30AM

Music at the 11.30 Mass and many major celebrations is led by organist Andrew Sharples. He is assisted by a small team of cantors who lead the congregation in the singing of such items as the Gloria, Psalm, Gospel Acclamation and Agnus Dei. Whilst our youngest cantors are in their late teens, the role could be performed by people of any age who have a clear voice and wish  to develop their singing skills and confidence.

At certain times of the year, the cantors come together with others, including those who are away at university, to form a choir. The Traditional Carol Service has become very popular in recent years.

Please contact the parish office if you are interested

SUNDAY - 6.00PM 

The music group provides music from the more modern tradition.

We are always looking for new singers and instrumentalists. The only requirement is an enthusiasm for taking part. We meet half an hour before the start of Mass on Sunday evenings to run through the music for that evening's Mass.

There are several Saturday practice sessions throughout the year, anyone thinking of joining is welcome to come along and join in.

The group have occasional social get-togethers which are a chance to socialise and have a sing-song.

If you would like to join the group speak to Eddie, Steve or Margie after 6pm Mass. 

Help us to continue to enhance the Sunday evening liturgy

If you are unable to join the group, help us by singing out strongly, and let us know if there are any hymns old or new which you would like us to include in our repertoire.

Contact us at  


Ministers of Holy Communion serve the parish by supporting the clergy in either administering communion in church or by taking communion to the sick or housebound.

Everyone beginning this ministry takes part in a day of reflection with the priests and deacon in the Parish Pastoral Area. Following that, new ministers must undertake a DBS check. Ministers serve at every Mass held in the parish, on rotation at Sunday Masses and as required during the week. Ministers take communion to anyone who is unable, for whatever reason, to attend Mass. This may be because the person is sick, elderly or permanently housebound. Or it may be that a person has had an accident, operation or sudden temporary disability which prevents them from attending Mass. Ministers will visit Catholics of any age.

New ministers are usually invited to this ministry. Ministers are over the age of 16 but anyone is welcome to contact the Deacon to explore the nature of this ministry.

If you would like a minister to bring communion to you at home,  please contact the Deacon (John Keeley) . People should not be afraid to ask, our large team of Ministers is willing to serve you.


The team of lay sacristans aims to ensure that every aspect of sacristy work runs smoothly so that the Church is always prepared for every service which takes place.

Sacristans undertake this service by rota every day of the year. The work involves a wide variety of tasks including setting out vestments and sacred vessels, preparing the audio system, preparing the altar and the lectionary before services, clearing and putting items away at the end of the service. Sacristans must commit to the rota and be good time keepers.

Volunteers are welcome to contact the organiser Jenny via the parish office so that a particular service can be determined and training can begin.