With Fr Andrew (Rector) and Fr Barrie (Assistant) and all the Redemptorists I wish you the joy and peace of Christmas. My hope is that the words of a new Christmas carol, sung by the children, will be the reality in all our families: “Christmas isn’t Christmas ‘till it happens in your heart. Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts.”

Once again I wish to seize the opportunity of thanking you for all your love and support throughout the year. Your generosity and your outpouring of good will over Christmas is really quite overwhelming and humbling: but thank you.

I also wish to thank again all those who work so hard and in so many different fields to ensure the smooth running of our two parishes. There are so many unsung heroes that it would be invidious to try and name them. It is the same in both parishes and I am sure that those who were able to attend the Bishop Eton parish celebration of carols last Tuesday will agree with me that it is quite stunning to realise the dozens of ministries that are covered when they are named with the placing of baubles on the tree and the lighting of candles.

Invitation to all helpers: Parish helpers’ social evening: Friday 13 January: 7.00pm -10.00pm.

Slight preparation hiccup: I thought I was on track with my preparations for the feast when a dodgy tooth set me back on Thursday. I hadn’t realised how traumatised you feel for a while after an extraction, but happily I seem to be bouncing back and hope to be able to fulfil all my commitments over the weekend, but if I have missed anything or anyone, please forgive me.

A very happy Christmas to you all… Tim Buckley, C.Ss.R .

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