RYM (Redemptorist Youth Ministry):

It is with great sadness that our Redemptorist family finds itself unable to continue to fund the Youth Ministry work, begun by Paul Murphy and continued in recent times by Anita and Natasha. This is a decision entirely governed by the financial constraints under which we are now operating

For many years Redemptorist Publications have subsidised this and other missionary projects in our Province.

Unfortunately, these are not good times for religious publishing and RP has been forced to trim its sails and radically reorganise in an effort to remain viable. I want to thank Anita and Natasha for the wonderful work they have undertaken over the past couple of years and thank them for the gracious way in which they have accepted this unfortunate development.

It would be sad if this effort to reach out to young adults simply ceased, so, at least in our two parishes, we are keen to explore ways in which we can ensure that the mission continues in some form.

As those in the group know, the remaining two events planned before their contracts run out at the end of this month are as follows:

            Tuesday 7 May: A Final Meal together

            Tuesday 14 May: Outreach to the homeless in Liverpool 

There is the usual open invitation to everyone who wishes to be part of these events.

All in the 25 to 40 year bracket are invited to explore a way forward for our parishes on the following Tuesday 21 May at 7.30pm in the Fisher-More Hall.