The finance area within the Parish Pastoral Group covers the following activities:

  • Finance Committee
  • Gift Aid

The representative on the Parish Pastoral Group Core Group is Dominic

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This is a mandatory committee in Canon Law. It was set up in 2003 and serves to advise the parish priest in financial matters. It has no authority. All responsibility and authority in financial matters remains with the parish priest. The committee has oversight of all financial areas of the parish, keeps minutes and works to a written constitution.

Committee membership is by invitation and is made up of nine members including the parish clergy, those who operate the parish accounts and gift aid, and others who have particular financial expertise to offer.

As of March 2017 the Committe consists of Dominic M, Fr. Tim, Dave H, Donna Al, Peter C, Frances S ,Tim W, Len F and Bernard M. The committee members have a range of financial expertise. That includes a chartered accountant , a retired bank manager, several school teachers and an experienced accounts clerk.

The committee presents Bishop Eton's audited annual accounts to the archdiocese. It also promotes and operates the archdiocesan gift aid scheme on behalf of the parish..

The committee liaise with the archdiocese in securing and managing funding for various repairs and improvements to the church, including compiling a bid for lottery funding. 

For the latest summary of the parish accounts click here.


The Archdiocesan Gift Aid scheme replaced the Covenant Scheme and it enables the parish to recover money from the Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) from tax paid by parishioners. This boosts a person's offering by 20%. For example: if a person contributed £ 1000 per annum, we would get a rebate of £200 from the Inland revenue.

The parish scheme is managed by two people, one of whom maintains the links with the administrators of the Archdiocesan Scheme at LACE. Continuity and strict confidentiality are maintained at all times, and records are computer-based on dedicated software. The Gift Aid team receives help at different levels from the finance committee, and weekly from the collection counting teams.

The parish weekly offering is collected in 3 different ways

  1. by direct giving onto the plate.
  2. by placing money into a parish envelope and putting this onto the plate.
  3. by standing order.

Parishioners using the envelope method are allocated a box of numbered envelopes every year. Gift Aid may then be collected from these donations if the parishioner has signed a declaration form. Records are maintained weekly. Between December and March new boxes are ordered and distributed. In May and June the parish claim is approved and submitted to the archdiocese.

In addition to the weekly collections the Archdiocesan Trustees prescribe the following collections: 

Catholic Education Service  Obligatory 
Lenten Alms Obligatory
Holy Places  Obligatory
Priests Training Fund Redemptorist Trust 
Friends of the Holy Land Optional
Provision for Priests in Retirement Obligatory
Peter's Pence Obligatory
LAMP Obligatory
Catholic Youth Service Obligatory
World communications Obligatory Bishops' Conference Trust
Day for Life  Obligatory Bishops' Conference Trust
Home Missions Optional Bishops' Conference Trust
CAFOD  Optional CAFOD Trust 
Nugent Care Optional Nugent Care Trust 
APF/World Missions Obligatory Missio Trust

If you do not currently gift aid your weekly offering and wish to do so please contact Dave via the Parish Office. .uk