JULY'S POEM...... 

Not Quite Groundhog Day

Another day scarcely discernable

From yesterday - and probably from tomorrow-

Arrives prosaically.

Neighbours’ curtains, still drawn,

Reflect Life-style changes.

Yet in the sunlit garden,

Another life still flourishes.

A flock of twittering sparrows

Cavort joyously among the patio pots.

What is it that attracts

These chirpy, carefree creations?

Perilously balanced

On slender, wind-blown ferns,

Acrobatic feats and manoeuvres

Attract the attention

Of not only their flirting female companions,

But also one who watches, entranced.

A quick sortie for the phone.

Snaps or a video?

Try not to capture

The elderly reflection in the window!

Focus. Ready for action!

As if by touch of magician's wand,

An eruption of sparrows

Vacate their playground.

Perhaps, another David Bailey attempt later?

Not, alas, with photographic genius,

Just handfuls of mixed bird seed,

Presages a not-so-mundane afternoon!

Eileen Murray © 9 July 2020