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Lockdown  Newsletter 15th June 2020

Greetings Ladies,

“What did you do in the lockdown, Grandma?

We asked and you answered.

Local author Catherine Moloney writes:

70 is the new 30'!

⌨️I don't have a picture of me bashing away at the PC, but during Lockdown I wrote the 10th book in my detective series - Crime in the Book Club.

My publisher has commissioned book 11 Crime in the College, so I am now beavering away to get it done by the end of July. (Book 9 Crime in the Ballroom will be out soon.)

I am so grateful for all the encouragement I received for members of the Women's Group. Writing is a lonely business, so it is wonderful to have had support.

Hope you are all well and weathering Lockdown. The end is in sight!

Hang in there. Love, Catherine Moloney

For more on Catherine's latest book visit

A Reader’s Review : one of our group sent the following review of  ‘A Mind Diseased’ by Catherine Moloney

“Brilliant . . . couldn’t put it down . . . read it in a day”

My kind of book.


Susan H  sent these early morning photos of the aeration of the water in the Calderstones Park pond. This supports the fish population.

 WG Calderstones1      WG Calderstones2

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know this happened. Thanks Sue .


Fiona is totally thrilled and writes:

My peony rose flowered after being planted 10 years ago - bloomed in Lockdown.Can’t wait till the next Lockdown for it to flower again!!!

WG peonyrose

Is she being optimistic or pessimistic?


Roseleen  has been using her garden well. She writes

Having Time: “Back Garden Observations

WG goldfinch”Having plenty of time to sit in the back garden we felt fortunate that we had a garden to spend in lockdown time without concerns. Spending time reading and relaxing along with fantastic weather was a joy. I began to notice bird activity. Two yellowy birds were zooming into a yellowy acer tree not just once or twice but many times. Eventually identified them as a pair of goldfinches, smallish birds with a loud song! Over next few days we realised they were building a nest and are now sitting on it, so I presume they have laid eggs. Amazing how excited I feel at the prospect of eggs hatching and seeing fledglings develop. I will let you know outcome with photos if possible.

PS Forgot to mention that after cutting my husband’s hair while in the garden some of his hair was selected by the goldfinches in construct of their nest!

Thanks Roseleen. This is one of those uplifting images which are so life-affirming. We look forward to pictures of the ‘babies’.


Please remember if you need help with anything at all please contact us and we will do our best to help.

And in the style of many news bulletins we have an ‘… and finally’

As shopping re-started today the BBC showed a huge queue waiting to go into Primark. The queue was so long the shop opened early.

Just a thought - which shop would you queue for hours to go into?

Please send any photos and stories for a second letterAs ever take care of yourselves and each other.

Fiona, Geraldine and Veronica

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