Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Bishop Eton Parish Council Meeting


Time:    Wednesday 6th November 2019 at 7:30pm

Venue: Hughes Room





Christopher Allmand CA Representing older parishioners
Susan Bamber SB Liturgy
Fr. Tim Buckley TBu Parish Priest
Ann Connor AC Chair
Andy Finch AF Synod 2020 representative
Jenny Holden JH Ecumenism
Greg Juhasz GJ Deacon
Eddie McCabe          EM Secretary
Kris Reeds KR Administration
Tim Walsh TW BE CAFOD representative (part meeting)


Tricia Brophy TBr Catechesis
Catherine Line CL Hospitality
Hayley Metcalfe HM Administration
Dominic Murphy    DM Finance
Frances Sibert FS Links with schools and universities
Margie Zilnyk MZ Links with St Marys

Vacancies                                    Representing: Parish Charities, Evangelisation, Young People 


1. Introductory Prayer 

TBu opened the meeting with a prayer.

2. Welcome, apologies, resignations and matters arising

 KR confirmed date for Blue Christmas service was set for 20th December

TBu had spoken to Mrs Bostock about the clash of Holy Week services and BEAP events. This year there will be no evening event on Maundy Thursday, so no clash.  However, the afternoon event still clashes with altar server practice. TBu noted that because the events are held in and organised from St Julie's, Mrs Bostock stated that she lacks influence.

3. BE Green - Parish Environment Project

TW spoke about the CAFOD backed campaign to celebrate creation in response to the Papal Encyclical Laudato Si. The theme of Live Simply has an objective to make changes in the parish and individuals’ lives to redress the impact of climate change. The challenge is to agree and implement nine initiatives, which are monitored and assessed by CAFOD , leading ultimately to certification. The initial parish meeting proposed a long list of 35 initiatives which have been whittled down to 7; these have been reviewed with TBu and Fr Andrew.

The 7 proposed initiatives which the parish and community will tackle are

  • Reduce number of car journeys
  • Save paper
  • Personal challenges – monthly individual and parish challenges
  • Green initiative – tree planting
  • Green initiative – encourage wildlife
  • Recycle
  • Reduce plastic

These will be linked in the plan submitted to CAFOD to other work already underway in different parish groups and institutions. The Justice & Peace Youth Group is very keen to engage actively with the programme.

TW advised there will be two asks of the PCT from BE Green:

  • Personal commitment from PCT members
  • Approval of a budget request to support uptake of the programme across the parish to ensure that finance is not a blocker to success.

The next parish meeting is Tuesday 12th November, PCT attendance would be appreciated.

Action: PCT to discuss funding BE Green at next meeting  (All)

For info:

Full list of initiatives can be found by clicking here

4. Property/Site Issues

Tree management at the rear of the car park.

  • A meeting was held with the neighbours who had concerns over proposals for removing the Leylandii at the back of FMH. Subsequent to the meeting a letter was received from the neighbours. This item is on hold whilst advice is sought.
  • John B has cleared and tidied the lower parts of the hedge in the interim.

Maintenance Schedule of FMH and Church works

  • Work required by the archdiocese on FMH has been assessed by Ritson & McKenzie. We await a response from them.
  • Windle Roofing has addressed issues with the fascia around the toilet/kitchen extension and is scheduling work to repair roof issues identified through investigation.

The archdiocese is still to approve work to repair a leak in the confessional roof.

5. Feedback and outcomes from Fr Tim’s parish announcement

TBu noted that he has had no adverse response to his announcement covering the challenges and feels he is in a good position to implement any changes he deems necessary given the challenges ahead.

TBu stated that St Julies has presented the parish with a statue to mark the 50th anniversary of St Julie’s canonisation.  The statue will be located in the church.

6.  Items Arising from Bulletin 

A parishioner had submitted a suggestion to change the format of the parish bulletin to allow more information to be communicated. This topic generated a wide ranging discussion including switching to an A3 format as at St Mary’s, or moving to a double sided A4 version, instead of having one side for the Redemptorist Publications weekly articles.

In line with the BE Green initiative, the following actions will be taken

  • Reducing the number of printed bulletins
  • Moving away from paper-based bulletins for those who wish, by emailing a version to recipients,
  • Directing readers to the website version.

Currently 650 bulletins are produced each week, many of which are left in the church (read and unread), and are thus wasted in respect of production, costs and materials.

Therefore, from January production will reduce to 400 double sided A4 bulletins. The parish will continue to get a bulletin, but reduce the number of RP printed weekly articles to be available alongside the bulletin.


Please note that further consideration will be given to the decisions made regarding this item.  The parish will continue to purchase and circulate weekly Redemptorist Publications whilst maintaining its commitment to BE Green.  Therefore the numbers of bulletins and RP purchases stated in the minutes above will be revisited on 8 January 2020

7 Updates from sub-groups

Administration (HM/KR).

  • Piety Shop in the former confessional has been very successful in its first two weeks, taking £275 over the two Sundays. The shop will be open after every Sunday mass until Christmas
  • KR noted that the new archdiocesan safeguarding audit requirements are far beyond what we have been used to and cannot be covered by the current team. Proposed that an advert is made for new members with relevant experience to strengthen the team.

Action: KR/HM to prepare advert

·         FMH updates provided above.(under Property/Site issues)

Catechesis (TBr) 

WYA continues

Action: Clarification on parish Confirmation rep requested (TBr)

Finance (DM)

DM provided notification to the meeting that the latest financial statement was now uploaded to the website and a copy available at the back of church.

Hospitality (CL)

CL’s team will support the Christmas Services, the Family Resettlement celebration and the January parish helpers’ celebration.

Liaison with schools (FS)

FS notified the meeting that the Youth Justice & Peace group continues to grow. They are preparing for Youth Sunday and will be heavily involved in the liturgy for the 6pm mass at the end of November. A number of members are registered with Animate to go to Lourdes in 2020. Additionally, a number of the group is continuing with the Faith In Action awards programme

Liturgy (SB)

SB presented the draft Advent pamphlet containing all of the scheduled Advent/ Christmas services and events. Where events are not the standard Christmas schedule, brief explanatory notes are included.

Links with St Marys (MZ)

  • Rosary Exhibition
    This was postponed until 2020.
  • Dementia Friendly Tea
    The final Afternoon tea for 2019 will take place on Friday 22nd November. This will be a special Christmas Afternoon tea, with prizes, surprises and maybe an early visit from Father Christmas. Any parishioners living with dementia and their carers is welcome to attend.
  • Pilgrimage
    The pilgrimage went well. St Mary’s shared photos through the week on its Twitter Account. 
  • Talks
    The next talk in the ‘Exploring our Faith’ series will take place on 21st November at 6.30pm in St. Mary’s Parish Hall. The theme will be ‘The Incredible Mystery of God. All are welcome
  • Advent
    St Mary's Liturgy group will be meeting to finalise details of the Advent programme. Information will be highlighted/publicised on both websites

Ecumenism (JH) 

JH will staff a stall at Allerton Road Farmer's Market.  The date has been changed as a result of council decisions. The stall’s theme will be how Christian churches make a difference to their community. The BE Christmas schedule pamphlet will be one of the resources available at the stall.

Resettlement (AC)

  • Home Office will visit BE on 11 November for the final monitoring visit. Unfortunately, Bishop Tom is unable to attend
  • The first anniversary of the family’s arrival will be celebrated on 11th December in FMH   
  • Archbishop Malcolm and other Nugent Trustees will be visiting the family in January.
  • Both children continue to settle well and work hard at their respective schools;  
  • St Charles/St Anne’s parish has now received their family.
  • Kirkby Lonsdale parishes have received their family

Action: Updated newsletter to be issued with further details for parishioners (AC)

Synod 2020 (AF)

  • AF reported that the process of listening and engaging with parishioners has been challenging. All the information gathered has been collated into a 136 page report and presented at a session held in Wigan in October. Subsequently the Synod commission established monthly meetings to explore different themes. The next one is Monday 11th November at Hope University chapel.
  • TBu noted that Fr Michael has begun work on devising a questionnaire to find out why people stop attending church. The ambition is to ask parishioners to ask affected relatives to complete anonymously to help us understand how we can address this matter. This would be a potentially unique contribution from our parish to Synod 2020.

8.  Any Other Business

There was no Any Other Business

9. Dates of upcoming meetings

    Wednesday 8 January and 4 March at 8pm