Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Bishop Eton Parish Council Meeting


Time:    Wednesday 12th June 2019 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room




Ann Connor AC Chair
Catherine Line CL Hospitality
Christopher Allmand CA Representing older parishioners
Dominic Murphy       DM Finance
Eddie McCabe          EM Secretary
Greg Juhasz GJ Deacon in training
Hayley Metcalfe HM Administration
Kris Reeds KR Administration
Susan Bamber SB Liturgy
Tricia Brophy TBr Catechesis


Andy Finch AF Synod 2020 representative
Fr Tim Buckley TBu Parish Priest
Frances Sibert FS Links with schools and universities
Jenny Holden JH Ecumenism
Margie Zilnyk MZ Links with St Marys


1. Introductory Prayer

SB opened the meeting with a prayer

2. Welcome, apologies, resignations and matters arising

Matters Arising

  • New remote lead for the Fisher More Hall (FMH) has been provided by EM
  • EM has shared Parish Core Team (PCT) photos with MZ
  • We now have a list of Eucharistic Ministers from John Keeley/ HM

Action: AC and TBr to meet with TBu to look at home-based communion coverage (AC/TBr/TBu)

3. Defibrilator and oxygen

  • 89 attendees after Masses for the training sessions, which was fantastic. Training was very well delivered, and materials were excellent and much appreciated by all who attended. There was coverage across all Masses.
  • HM will meet with Dr Daniels this week and the defibrillator will be ordered, expected arrival week commencing 17th June.

Remaining question is where to store. If externally there is concern that it will become a target for the youths who gather overnight in the car park. We need to consider whether it makes more sense to invest in a second unit for FMH to get around concerns over availability.

Need to review where in the porch is appropriate to locate with access to power and protecting from risks of being knocked by children/prams.

  • Dr Daniels suggests we don't need to purchase oxygen at the moment.

Action: AC/HM to look further into this, including costs. (HM/AC)


Tim Walsh the  BE CAFOD Representative, has asked for PCT approval for promotion of CAFOD 2019 Our Common Home project which involves 3 things:

  • Creation mass, which is already approved and will launch the project at 10am on Sunday 30 June
  • Petition for the parish to complete - TW wants to find context outside of the Mass to introduce to the parish
  • Engaging the parish in protecting God's wonderful creation, to measure the environmental impact of the parish with a view to identifying concrete targets for the community to improve over a defined period, in order for BE to achieve the CAFOD Live Simply award. It is hoped that an Environmental Group will be establish to take all of this forward and that membership will include many younger parishioners

PCT approved the environmental assessment.

PCT approved TBr taking the petition around the parish garden party.

Action: meeting with Tim W to advance environmental project (AC/TBr)

5. Bishop Eton Resettlement Group Update

  • The family is making tremendous progress and feels happy and safe living and settling into our community
  • AC reported on the Home Office 6 month progress review - went really well, all stakeholders are delighted with how well BERG has done. We are also delighting Liverpool Council.

6. Updates from sub-groups

Administration (HM/KR)

HM reported that Age Concern has been in touch about booking a room on a monthly basis for use in training volunteers for dementia awareness. PCT agreed that use of the Prayer Room would be appropriate, and there will be no charge.

John B has got costs for the schedule of works. The indicative figures are in excess of £400k plus VAT. Small works can be done without waiting for LACE approval.

Catechesis (TBr)

  • TBr reported that 69 children received their First Holy Communion this year. Attendance was well managed, church was full but not over crowded. Celebration Mass is on 23rd June; children will plant a Clematis.
  • TBr will ask the children to write an article for BE Alive.
  • CAFOD Creation Mass is on 30th June. All parents at 10:00 Mass on 23rd will get a zero on a card for decorating with recycling related material to bring on 30th.
  • GJ reported that Rosemary Poole will be a catechist for next year’s RCIA group, but it is unclear if there are others to support. It is thought that it would be difficult for one person to run alone.

Ecumenism (JH)

  • The Walking Group continues to attract over 20 participants. It takes place on the second Monday of each month, all welcome
  • Welcome cards wording has been changed to refer people to Mass times in the bulletin and website.  Cards now also incorporate a welcome for those who would like to receive a blessing at the time of Communion. 
  • Discussion had taken place with Fr Charles re the Alpha course.  A volunteer is needed to run the course

Action: Volunteer required to lead Alpha course (All)

 Finance (DM)

DM circulated the figures for the first quarter. There is a small surplus. Newspapers made a small surplus for the first time in a long time. Some costs have yet to show up, e.g. grounds maintenance, LACE contribution.

Hospitality (CL)

  • CL reported that a lot of people came back to FMH after Fr Barrie's funeral.
  • Nothing had specifically been arranged for Fr Charles’ departure, as he was not keen on a specific marking of his move to Perth. Many people attended coffee after the 10:00 mass to say goodbye and thank you to Fr Charles.
  • It is still not clear if we will be doing something to mark the end of the Novena as there is a potential clash of date/times with the Irish Dancers who use the FMH. Response awaited

Liaison with schools (FS)

  • FS reported that the Justice & Peace group is having its celebration coming up in Hope University next week. The J&P group is very active in lots of areas.
  • There will be a special announcement at the Garden Party about J&P achievements.

Liturgy (SB)


  • SB reported that Fr Henesy is organising the Novena services this year, supported by a team of parish volunteers. The team will lead the readings and music each evening, with Fr Henesy playing the keyboard, so as it stands no requirement to recruit additional musicians or readers.
  • There was a question as to whether or not there will be hardcopy advertising in the porch; so far all advertising seems to be via the website.

Bereavement Mass

  • The music group are supporting the Bereavement Mass for the first time this year.

Singing Workshop

Action: SB to confirm date for music workshop at next meeting (SB)

Links with St Marys (MZ)

Dementia Market Place

Children’s Busy Bible Bags

St Mary’s Parish Pastoral Team is delighted with the launch of a new resource for families in the form of activity bags for children. These bags are available in church for families to help keep their little ones occupied during Mass. Items include finger puppets made by the Deacon’s wife.

St Mary’s Parish Pilgrimage

St Mary’s Parish Pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi (28th Nov – 2nd Nov) has 4 places available, no single places available unless able to share. Contact Ann at St Mary’s if interested.

Synod 2020 (AF)

"Listening" workshops are planned for the 21st and 22nd in the Fisher Moore Hall. AF has reached out via the SVP to some of the disadvantaged / less able. All data collected from all listening sessions has to be submitted by the 14th July.

7. Garden Party

  • FS reported that following the theft of the large marquee and BBQs earlier this year from the monastery garden storage container, there will be a need to purchase gazebos and new barbecues. The challenge is getting a large one, not necessarily a high tech one which would cost a lot. TBr to look into whether we could borrow/hire the school barbecue.
  • Need more volunteers.
  • Irish Dancers cannot be there because they have another event, so need to find something to fill that gap. We will ask Steve R about Pub singer round or similar.

Action: AC will investigate getting pies from an Anfield bakery to supplement the barbecue (AC)

Action: FS trying to get Fr Isaac from Zimbabwe to attend. (FS)

8. Ordination to the Diaconate (GJ) 

GJ has now completed all the requirements for his ordination. His name has been put forward to the Archbishop for formal confirmation. Still not heard what is expected of him following his ordination but is likely to need coverage around Gateacre and Garston.

Action: Ordination is at 3:00pm 7th July in the Cathedral and it's open to everybody. (All)

9. Social Media Church Apps

Postponed until next meeting.

10. Any Other Business

  • TBr raised the need for establishing an event calendar used by all groups to avoid the risk of clashes.

Action: All to review dates and contribute (All)

  • AC raised the empty board in FMH. FS said it was previously RYM, but now referring to Redemptorists. AC was looking to see if PCT could have a board

Action: All to feed into a wider review of FMH notice boards. (All)

  • FS advised that there is a programme for the Redemptorist charism weekend at the back of church.

11. Date of Next meeting

     Wednesday 18th September at 8pm Hughes Room