Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Bishop Eton Parish Council Meeting


Time:    Tuesday 7th May 2019 at 7pm

Venue: Hughes Room




Ann Connor AC Chair
Catherine Line CL Hospitality
Dominic Murphy       DM Finance
Eddie McCabe          EM Secretary
Fr Tim Buckley TB Parish Priest
Greg Juhasz GJ Deacon in training
Hayley Metcalfe HM Administration
Jenny Holden JH Ecumenism
Kris Reeds KR Administration
Tricia Brophy TBr Catechesis


Christopher Allmand CA Representing older parishioners
Susan Bamber SB Liturgy
Fr Charles Randall  CR Priest
Andy Finch AF Synod 2020 representative
Frances Sibert FS Links with schools and universities
Margie Zilnyk MZ Links with St Marys


1. Introductory Prayer

TB opened the meeting with a prayer

2. Welcome, apologies, resignations and matters arising


Apologies were received (see above).

AC introduced EM who has agreed to join the group to fulfil the role of Secretary

Matters arising:

Action: New remote lead is still outstanding for Fisher-More Hall, HM pursuing.  (HM)

New hymn books have arrived and are in operation. Thank you to HM and MZ for organising the ordering of the replacement hymn books and to MZ for sorting the unpacking, stamping and distribution of the new books and collecting the old ones

Action: MZ has photos of some members of the committee, and will arrange to take others for the complete set in liaison with EM. (MZ)

3. Outcomes/feedback following circulation of AGM report 

Parish AGM reports were delivered to around 700 homes, and people have been collecting from the church porch. Have already had messages from 3 different doctors about involvement in medical aspects of the parish, SVP has had a good response in respect of volunteers. Apart from that, we are not aware of any other responses for volunteering.

AC noted that there is a limited amount more that we can do to drive engagement with parishioners. AC thanked everybody involved in the distribution.

TB advised that he will be addressing the two parishes in a fortnight to explain the impact of changes to community on TB's ability to provide the full services across sick calls, baptisms etc.

Action: TB will convene a meeting with all Eucharistic Ministers to investigate options for reshaping the way various institutions around the parishes are provided for.  (TB)

Action: Need a list from  Rev. John Keeley of all Eucharistic Ministers, and a list of affected institutions within and adjacent to both parishes (HM)

4. Defibrillator and oxygen

A parishioner who is a consultant anaesthetist is leading on the parish defibrillator provision activity. AC met with him and was asked a series of wide-ranging questions to understand why BE need a defibrillator. He has options for provision based on need. He has consulted with Royal Liverpool Hospital Head of Resuscitation and gave the following recommendations:

Model suggested G5 defibrillator at £1300. Pads are £50 and need replacing every 2 years or after use. An outdoor lockable cabinet would cost about £700, plus installation costs.

Royal Liverpool Hospital will share their training material with us to support promotion of best practice. Proposal is that we run training on a Sunday after every Mass.

British Heart Foundation (BHF) considers funding defibrillators where they are freely available to the public, but this is only the criterion for a complex bidding process, rather than guaranteed funding.

Following a further incident at 8:30 Mass on Sunday 3rd May it was agreed that we need will also look at provision of oxygen.

Action: AC to contact the anaesthetist to take forward the purchase of defib and the organisation of training for parishioners in FMH after all Masses on a Sunday in June or September.  Other medics to assist. (AC)

5. Items arising from requests, bulletin notice and correspondence

There was significant discussion around the correspondence in respect of

a) Musician compensation within the parish.

Action: TB will address directly with LACE. (TB)

b) Letter from two parishioner students requesting funding for HCPT. PCT agreed that parish would support these parishioners through use of FMH or other locations but was not in a position to give direct financial support

Action: AC to contact and explain  (AC)

6. Updates from sub-groups

Administration (HM/KR)

HM provide a list of identified works for the Fisher-More Hall agreed between John B and the archdiocesan surveyor.  Also discussion about trees bounding the carpark

Action: JB to procure prices for each item for consideration at future meetings. (HM)

Dates for the diary:

  • Summer Garden Party is 30th June
  • Christmas Carol Service is pencilled in for 17th December. TBr noted this may provide a challenge in ensuring the children are ready for the Nativity.

AC asked whether the equipment stolen from outdoor storage earlier this year was insured. Whilst the current understanding is that it ought to be, this needs to be confirmed.

Catechesis (TBr)

TBr advised that the Creation (CAFOD) Mass is on 30th June at 10am.

There will be 69 children making their First Holy Communion this month

Finance (DM)

DM reported that processes and controls have been reviewed. Monthly bank reconciliations have been reinstituted.

Detailed analysis of deficit from 2018 showed that two individual items were the cause, one of which should have been allocated to previous financial years.

DM reported that Fr Charles had forwarded on an article about the positive impact in CofE from contactless payments at collection.

Hospitality (CL)

CL noted that the next big event will be the garden party. All the necessary equipment has been secured. A couple of people have expressed interest in becoming involved in setting up and running.  AC had sent a text to them welcoming their support

Garden Party: CL suggested scheduling the planning meeting in the evening to enable working people to attend. KR confirmed that Allerton Brass is booked, and will look into the availability of Benchmark and Mary for music provision.

CL will organise refreshments following Fr Barrie's funeral. The parish should also look at something to mark Fr Charles' departure. 

Liaison with schools (FS)

In FS’s absence AC reported back about positive feedback from various initiatives.  

The Youth J&P have been assessed for Faith in Action with 11 silver, 1 bronze and 1 pass award

TBr reported that she believed we should encourage J&P’s engagement as catechists with 10am Family Mass

Liturgy (SB)

Easter/Lenten services

The SVP Healing Mass and the Reconciliation Service were well supported – can we record our thanks to Fr Tim for continuing with our tradition of holding a parish reconciliation service.  This service is very much appreciated by the parish and was the perfect start to our Holy Week preparations.

Following the suggestion at the last PCT meeting, working with MZ and Andrew Sharples, the service papers for Holy Week were reviewed and updated. Wording was standardised and reordered some of the layout and added some explanatory notes that were useful to those who may not be familiar with the services.

As Fr Tim expressed at the end of the Easter Vigil, there are simply too many people to thank individually for their contributions – all of the events and services in Holy Week were a testament to the thriving liturgy team we have at Bishop Eton and a very big thank you to everyone who worked so hard.

However particular thanks and recognition for the dedication and work of the altar servers, their parents and those who trained and supported them (David H, Fr Charles, Greg Juhasz, John Keeley and most especially Kris Reeds).

A number of parishioners commented on how impressed they were with the work of the altar servers in managing such complex services. It is truly remarkable the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to prepare for these services and it is inspiring to see the dedication and commitment shown by some of the youngest members of our liturgy team. 

Links with St Marys (MZ)

May Devotions

Every Thursday during May at 6pm Rosary followed by Adoration and when possible Benediction. All welcome, the idea is to highlight devotion to Mary

Dementia Market place

On Friday 24th May in St Mary’s Hall from 1 to 4pm.   Information and advice from 20 organisations for both people with dementia and their carers/families. There will be a short talk from Ruth Eley of Dementia Action Alliance.   Posters have been circulated to parishes and community groups.  All welcome

Parish Lenten talks

The talks using ‘Faith Clip’ with Father Barron were well received, and a new set of talks is being planned to start in September

Dementia Awareness session at Bishop Eton

The Dementia awareness session in March at BE went well with around 30 attending. Only a couple of people left their name to be part of a team.  Need to ask the parish again if anyone wants to help.  In the days following the talk Fr Charles was approached by the Notre Dame sisters to see if anyone would be willing to come to a tea party with some of their sisters. The request has been passed to the SVP who have many members trained in dementia awareness and who will have the requisite DBS clearance. 

Ecumenism (JH)

JH reported that an ecumenical Lenten course of methods of prayer drawing on Ignatian Spirituality had been put on by members of the Christian Life Community, using Elm Hall Drive as the venue.

It was noted that CTMH walks are still taking place on a monthly basis and are well attended.

Synod 2020 (AF)

KR proposed using one of the side alcoves in church to act as a single point of focus for synod communications

Action: AF to follow up (AF)

7. Ordination to the Diaconate (GJ)

GJ confirmed the date is 7th July at the cathedral, with 4 candidates. A Deanery Celebration will be held at St Mary's Hall for the pastoral area, funded and organised by BE.

GJ has not yet been told what the archbishop expects of him in respect of service.  After ordination GJ will work across the deanery


TBr reported that Tim W is the parish representative of CAFOD, his focus will be on the 10:00 Mass with the intention of engaging the children on the message of sustainability.

2 weeks before the Creation Mass all families with children will be given an A4sized “0” to embed the message of zero footprint.

Two things Tim Walsh wants to come out of the Mass is a response to environmental issues such as use of i) water butts ii) cycle racks at BE.

TB is suggesting that at the shared table on 21st Tim could address people on the topic. CAFOD has already spoken to the Justice and Peace group.

9. Date of Next meeting

     Wednesday 12th June 2019 at 7.30