Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team


Time:    Wednesday 13th March 2019 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



Parish Priest Fr Tim Buckley TB
Chair   AC 
Representing the more elderly   CA
Liturgy   SB
Catechesis   TBr


Deacon (in training) GJ
Finance   DM


Hospitality   CL
Administration   HM
Priest Charles Randall CR
Administration   KR
Links with Schools & University   FS
Links with St Mary's  MZ


1. Introductory prayer, welcome and apologies

TB opened the meeting with a prayer

2. Welcome and Matters arising


Apologies were received (see above), minutes from last meeting were found in draft AGM report which had been circulated. 

Matters arising:

1. AC had contacted Our Lady & St James Heswall re defibrillator.  The church had purchased one in 2015 for £1138.50 and additional £133 for replacement pads each year thereafter. 

Action: volunteer medic needed to take defib forward to be added to AGM report (AC)

2. History of Church booklet has been completed, a few photos to be taken and added.

Action: EMcC has volunteered to take some additional photos so that CA, AC, and MZ can complete the document  (CA/AC/MZ)

3. GJ had contact with a fellow trainee deacon who works as a safety inspector and consultant re parking/pedestrian issues outside church and possibility of cross hashing.  The officer had advised on reverse parking, signage, removable barriers, walkway area, and cross hashing.  Further quotes to be sought for attain value for money.

Action: GJ to pass information to KR for JB (site maintenance) (GJ/KR)

3. AGM Report and way forward  (AC)

AC thanked all members of the PCT for their input at the AGM, and particularly to SB for note taking.  The report needs a contents page and cover photo. 

Distribution will be to all houses of parishioners who have registered on the parish census.  Vacancies for posts on PCT will close on Palm Sunday: 14 April. 

St Julie’s prints BE Alive and may be able to print 1000 copies of the report at a reduced cost


  1. PCT members to send AC any further comments or updates so that she can complete and finalise the document.   (AC)
  2. Photo to be added to cover and report proofread (EMcC)
  3. St Julie’s to be contacted re printing  (HM)
  4. Distribution: volunteers to be sought and walking rounds to be arranged (TBr/AC)

4. Lenten/Easter Services

1. The following Lenten/Easter services will be held

Monday - Wednesday Masses: 

7.00am, 12.00 noon, opportunity for Sacrament of Reconciliation after each Mass


7.30pm - Reconciliation Service


No Exposition

No Novena - Novena Prayer will be said at midday Mass.

Thursday - Saturday

Morning Prayer 9.00am

Maundy Thursday:

(rehearsal for children at 11.00)

8.00pm - Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Good Friday:

11.00am - Children’s Way of the Cross

3.00pm   - The Liturgy of the Passion

7.30pm   - Stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday:

8.30pm - Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday Masses:

8.30am, 10.00am, 11.30am   NO 6.00PM MASS

2. St Mary’s has produced at Lenten Booklet which is excellent.

3. Discussion was held around Walk of Witness.  It was noted

  • Walk of Witness from St Mary’s Church after morning Stations to the centre of Woolton Village led by Fr Tim to which everyone is welcome
  • A Pilgrimage Walk between the five churches in the wider area starting at OLA at 10:45 am for refreshments and Good Friday Meditation then onwards to St Mark’s


  • For 2020, SB to use St Mary’s booklet with permission of the Parish, to produce a BE Lenten booklet  (SB)
  • Volunteers from all liturgy groups to be contacted so that sufficient readers, musicians and disciples for feet washing are recruited (SB)

5. Bishop Eton Resettlement Programme - Update

AC reported that the resettlement of the family is going very well.  The family is very keen to make the most of every opportunity and the children, in particular, are very courageous. The schools have been most supportive, the children are very happy at school, are settling and acquiring English at speed. 

Parents are enjoying attending the language school, and have started to grow their own food.  The family has already entertained over 20 BERG members, including Fr Tim, to delicious meals at their home as a way of saying `thank you`. 

The family feels safe and happy in Liverpool. 

The UNHCR wishes to visit BE and the family to make a short video about their progress and resettlement into their new life in Liverpool. 

AC thanked everyone in the parish once again

6. Items arising from requests and bulletin notice

Parishioners using the data projector in FMH have requested a new remote because they currently have to climb on a table and push the switch with a long-handled pole.  This is a dangerous manoeuvre.   They also requested a lead for laptop use.

Suggestion that AGM report should ask for a volunteer to have over-sight of equipment in FMH


  1. New remote and lead to be bought  (HM)
  2. Volunteer to be added to report  (AC)

7. Updates from sub-groups


Some ceiling tiles in FMH need to be replaced.  Some chairs are damaged and need cleaning. 

Action: jobs to be costed up and discussed with DM  (HM/KR)

AF also suggested that BE purchased a radio microphone for FMH at the cost of about £120.  PCT agreed

Action: AF to purchase radio mic suitable for FMH  (AF)


  1. WYA has now completed 6 out of 7 sessions, with 75 children and parents
  2. Family readers for 10am – still no new volunteers
  3. Children’s liturgy is very well attended and there we have good catechists to lead the services.
  4. There are currently four adults taking part in the Adult Confirmation programme.  Thanks to the catechists.


DM led the PCT through the 2018 accounts.  

Offertory income: £110 564.71 via plate, standing orders, and envelopes.

Diocesan mandatory and optional collections: £8385.22 (note this does not include monies donated to parish charities such as Project Zimbabwe, One World, Street Child Africa, and Resettlement)

It was noted that there is an overall deficit of £23K between this year’s income and expenditure.  Some property costs had been carried over from last year.  The newspapers have again gone back into a deficit of £1.5K.  Gift Aid contributions have risen but more money could be returned to the parish through this route. 

Action: Tax paying Parishioners may consider joining the gift aid scheme which returns 25% of offerings to the parish account  (All)


Thanks to the new volunteers who have come forward to join the hospitality team.  More are needed, particularly those able to move furniture.


Youth Justice and Peace group continues to flourish.  (FS is currently in Zimbabwe)


SB reported that MZ had clarified with the publisher that the hymn book edition available to purchase is the same edition purchased last time.  Therefore, the remaining old hymn books may be replaced with the latest edition. 

This newer edition also contains the words of the Mass. 

There is an offer on at the moment.  £932 for 200 books (plus a free copy of the full music version).

Action: 200 hymn books to be purchased before April  (SB)

The date of the liturgical music event is yet to be finalised


  • St Mary’s new Pastoral Team has hit the ground running with a number of initiatives, parishioners are very receptive and have expressed thanks.
  • Following on from the success of St Mary’s dementia awareness programme a Dementia Information Session will be held at BE on 26 March at 7pm.  An article has already gone into BE Alive.  MZ has asked SVP and Knights of St Columba to make members aware.
  • St Mary’s offers a warm welcome to all BE Parishioners at the Dementia Friendly Afternoon Tea and Singalong, last Friday of each month.  There will also be a Dementia `Market Place` on 24 May in St Mary’s Parish Hall to mark Dementia Action week.


Lenten House Groups have begun – see St Anthony’s Churches Together poster in church porch.

JH suggested the Easter Service leaflets should contain instructions on when to stand and sit for those who are unfamiliar with the services.

Action: Service leaflets to be amended (JH/KR/HM)




AF will attend the next training session on 23 March to find out what is expected of the parish, the methodology required for seeking parishioners’ views.  There will then follow a 3-month reaching out period.  AF will contact all community groups. 

John H will work with the under 18s. 

A survey, set up by the Archdiocese Synod team, is available on the Synod website.  Parishioners to be asked to complete the survey.  Synod forms will be placed in the porch.

Action: AF to send AC the weblink so that she can put a message to all parishioners in the AGM report

8.  Any Other Business

MZ had provided information on the Choyr social media platform and ChurchApps.  Further information will be provided in May.  GJ suggested that the new PCT Youth Rep members may be able to take this forward

Action: to be discussed at the next meeting

9. Date of Next meeting

       Date of next meeting – Tuesday 7th  May 2019 at 7.30