Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team


Time:    Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



Chair     AC 
 Priest Fr Charles Randall   CR
 Liturgy    SB
 Mission    JH
 Hospitality    CL
 Links with schools and university    FS
 Links with St Mary's    MZ
Finance    DM
Various    GJ


 Parish Priest Fr Tim Buckley  TBu 
 Various   CA
 Catechesis   TBr
 Administration    KR
 Administration    HM
 Spirituality    RP
Assistant Chair    N Mc


1. Introductory prayer, welcome and apologies

2. Minutes and matters arisingfrom 2 July 2018

 i. Four new music stands for the parish have been received

ii. A larger format for the bulletin is still being scoped.

Action : Research needed into different sizes and prices.  (HM)

iii. A defibrillator has not yet been purchased

Action : Research needed into different sizes and prices.  (AC)

iv Cross-hatching outside the church doors for pedestrian safety has been discussed with JH but is not currently a priority.

v Communications with the Archdiocese over their strategy. Policies will be published on the ‘Intranet’ which will enable easy access to the parishes.

 Action:  Continue to liaise with the Archdiocese GDPR (MZ)


3. Dementia Awareness

MZ and other parishioners from Bishop Eton had attended a Dementia Awareness session (Living well with Dementia) at St. Mary’s (80 attendees in total).  A report of the meeting is available on St Mary's parish website. click here

Action:  Practical ways to make the church and hall dementia-friendly to be researched.

4. Project Zimbabwe Report

i. Recent visit: FS and a young parishioner had spent three weeks in Zimbabwe from 3rd September, teaching in the schools and working to provide birth certificates for the children, essential for accessing government services.

ii. Parish Project Zimbabwe Funds, in excess of £2400, raised over the year, had been used to purchase percussion instruments and other resources for students.

iii. Financial crisis in the country: the cost of living in Zimbabwe had escalated since FS’s visit in 2017 and was rising daily. The impact of this crisis in the country meant that the children being cared for by the Redemptorists are now short of such essential basics as shoes and clothing. It was not possible for the parish to send clothing and other goods directly to the country as such resources would not reach the intended destination.

iv Way forward:

Action: The parish will continue to raise funds throughout 2018/2019. (FS)

Action: A visit to the country may take place early in 2019. (FS)

Action: A pulpit address will be made by either FS or the young parishioner to kept the parish up to date will this important work  (FS)

5. Bishop Eton Resettlement Programme Update.

i. The meeting on 6th August between Bishop Eton Resettlement Group, the Home Office, Nugent and Liverpool Council had gone well.

ii. The parish group has found a house which is now being rented from parish funds.  Parishioners are providing furniture and other items provided.  All other actions are in place ready for the family’s arrival.  

iii. The original undertaking from the Home Office was for a Syrian family to be assigned to Bishop Eton by the end of October, provided everything was in place, but there is currently a long delay beyond the control of BE

iv As the rent for the house has had to be paid from the beginning of August, a request had been sent to the Home Office asking it the cost of the house whilst it stands empty.

Action: Steering Group to continue to drive the Resettlement process forward (AC)

6. Adoremus Conference

i HM reported on behalf of the Parish’s five delegates, that the conference had been a rewarding and uplifting experience for those attending, particularly the talk was given by Bishop Robert Barron.  The talk can be accessed on the Adoremus website.

ii Fringe events at Bishop Eton had been well-received, particularly the Holy Hour.

ii TBr had been invited to speak at the refugee fringe at St Anthony’s and this had been well received by other parishes entering into Resettlement.

iv CR outlined how Adoremus fitted into the broader structure of the planned Archdiocesan Synod in 2020.  First phase; prayer, current phase; parish, third phase; Pastoral Area Synod Sept 19 – June 2020 and fourth phase; Archdiocesan Synod in 2020.

  • A Pastoral Letter is expected in October, and an online questionnaire for parishioner contributions will be available in Dec/Jan.
  • GJ is a member of the theological sounding board for the SYNOD

Action: Delegates will meet with TB to plan the way forward for BE (TB/HM)

Action: above to be publicised on the bulletin. (HM)

7. Fisher-More Hall

Damp patches and rotted window-frames are causing concern. HM and JB have met with the Archdiocesan surveyor and reported that the Archdiocese will not pay this work at the present time.

Action: JB to be asked to cost, plan the work needed for presentation to  the finance team

8. Updates from sub-groups


The Parish Carol Service will take place on 18 December in the evening, the traditional Carol Service will take place on 22 December at 2.30


a) The first Parents Meeting for the With You Always holy Communion programme had been well-attended.  67 children are involved.

b) Little Church has lost five catechists. New catechists are required

Action: an appeal for more volunteers will be made via the bulletin, an appeal at 10.30 Mass and by personal approach. (TB/TBr/CL)

c) Three candidates from Bishop Eton have signed up for the RCIA course with two more potentials.  There are two BE RCIA catechists were RP.  CR stated candidates from St. Mary’s, St. John Vianney, St. Christopher and St Ambrose might be joining with Bishop Eton, as they currently do not have RCIA catechists from their own parishes to lead adult initiation into the church.


Accounts sheets for 2017 were made available, together with those of 2016 for comparison.  Attention was drawn to the large saving resulting from changing the heating and lighting service contracts.  HM as Parish Administrator  will reconcile the accounts as part of her duties


Refreshments had been provided following the two Adoremus fringe events.


The Justice and Peace Youth Group had designed t-shirts for the members to buy. The Archbishop has accepted an invitation to attend one of the November J&P meetings.


the music groups had been involved in the fringe events. A Come and Sing day for all parish musicians is being planned. 

Action: plans for Come and Sing day to be sent to PCT (SB)


See Dementia Awareness item.


A card had been delivered to the people of Dovedale Baptist Church on behalf of BE parish, sympathising with them on the closure of their church building.  Their new home is yet to be announced


Attendance at the daily Exposition in the days preceding Adoremus had been very pleasing.

9. Any Other Business

i Items arising from requests and bulletin notice : No items had been submitted.

ii GJ announced that he will be ordained as Permanent Deacon on 7 July 2019 at 3pm in the cathedral.  There are four candidates for the diaconate.  

iii A Pulpit Swap by the Deacons will take place during the weekend of 3rd and 4th November.

10. Date of Next meeting

       Date of next meeting – Wednesday 14th November