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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team 

 Time:    Wednesday 7 March 2018 at 8pm

Venue: Monastery Library



  Fr Tim Buckley      Parish Priest       TB
 Assistant Chair NMC
       Various  CA
 Mission       JH
Links with St Mary's  MZ
Various  GJ
Catherine Line  CL
Spirituality  RP
Liturgy  SB
Links with Schools and University FS



Chair AC
Catechesis TBr
Administration KR
Administration HM
 Fr Charles Randall  Priest CR
Finances DM



1. Introductory prayer

Fr Tim led the introductory prayer

2. Welcome, apologies, draft minutes and matters arising

Amendment: ‘trained’ deacons to be changed to ‘trainee’.

i The problem of inadequate cleaning of the Fisher More hall has yet to be addressed.

Action : this to be followed up.  (TBu/AC)

ii Information to be provided to clarify any charges for wedding flowers.

Action : A leaflet or insert in the parish wedding booklet  (AC)

iii Discussion about the Mass Etiquette document to be deferred until the next meeting.

iv A report from the Province surveyor has yet to be received.

v A steering group had been formed to plan for the proposed ‘Come and Sing Day’, a chance for both parishes to experience music ministry. It would be as inclusive as possible.

vi Five people from each parish have agreed to be part of the Synod to prepare for the 2018 Eucharistic Congress.

vii Following requests for more silence before Masses, announcements to that effect are now being made at both the 8.30 and 10 am  Masses. The Core Group suggested that these be expanded to include the Special Intention for that Mass.

viii New music stands are still being sourced. (SB)

3. Holy Week and Easter Services

i. MZ will coordinate the music across the Triduum, and SB will recruit a group to have their feet washed on Maundy Thursday,

ii As last year, unfortunately, there is a clash with a drama event in the Primary School, but it is hoped to recruit children from the WYA class as well as representatives of parish groups to have their feet washed.

iii A suggestion was made to include guidance on when to kneel etc. in the service booklets, especially for Good Friday.

Action: this to be considered. (TBu)

4. Music

There was a review of the current licences aided by a document that documented the licences and what they included.  Other licences exist but may not benefit the parish, and further consideration is needed.  It was noted that if we ever provide streaming of Mass/Services additional licences would be required.

Action: MZ to continue to explore the options  (MZ)

5.Parish Directory

As the existing Parish Directory was now 5 years out of date, it was agreed that a page providing brief details of parish activities be a regular feature of the BE Alive magazine, at least in the short term, if not as a  permanent solution

Action: HM/KR to include a page in BE Alive   (HM/KR)

6. Summer Garden Party

This will be on Sunday 17th June and will incorporate the WYA celebration and bulb planting. A steering group will be formed to plan for this event.

7. Items arising from requests and bulletin notices 

A request had been received from a brass ensemble to use the Fisher More hall for a fundraiser in aid of a Cerebral Palsy charity

This was agreed, and they were to be invited to play at the Garden Party as Allerton Brass were not available that day.

Action; the ensemble to be approached.  (NMc)

8. BE ALIVE Articles

Core Group members were continuing to provide articles describing their particular responsibilities. May’s edition will contain an article on Liturgy. (SB)

9 Community Resettlement Programme Update 

70 people had attended the launch meeting, and a Steering Group of 20 had been formed, as well as specialist groups for such areas as Healthcare, Education and Housing, among others.

The bid to the Home office has to be submitted by the end of April.

The rule that housing must be in place before submission has now been changed.

A slight hitch had occurred with the Standing Order forms, which had not been given out when promised.

Action: this to be followed up, and AC informed. (NMc)

10. Updates from sub-groups


No update


 A Women’s World Day of Prayer service had been attended at Bethel Welsh Church


Photographs of the children in Zimbabwe wearing Bishop Eton t-shirts had been received. Junior Justice and Peace continues to grow and thrive.


Covered in earlier sections.


No Report


St. Mary’s had introduced a team of greeters who are identifiable by sashes.

Following the parish open meeting a team of ‘parish listeners’ is being recruited.


Plans were in hand to provide refreshments for the Archbishop’s visit. Three new team members have been recruited.


A request had been received from members of the parish for an hour’s Exposition before the 12 noon daily Mass on Wednesdays, as well as before the Novena.

Action;  this to be scheduled if possible. (TBu)

11. Any Other Business

 It was agreed that Core Group members should submit a brief report when they were not able to attend a meeting. Action (All)

Attention was drawn to the Rosary on the Coast initiative on April 29th.

12. Date of Next meeting

        Provisionally  25th April at 8pm


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