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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team

  Date: Wed. 14th   September 2016 at 8PM

Venue: Hughes meeting Room


Fr. Tim Buckley Parish Priest TB
Chair   AC
Admin. KR
Finance DM
Mission   JH
Liturgy         CA
Catechesis         TBr
Youth and Schools FS
   Links with St. Mary’s MZ
Spirituality         RP
     Hospitality   CL



Ass't Chair   NMc



1. Welcome and introductory prayer

The Introductory prayer was led by Fr. Tim

2. Apologies, minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

i Corrections to Minutes

  1. The KSC were to be asked to act as Stewards for the Novena following the meeting. At the time of the meeting, they had not yet been asked.
  2. The link to St. Mary’s already existed on the Bishop Eton website. It was not new but had been there from the beginning.

Action needed : in future, the draft Minutes were to be circulated to all members of the Core Group before being placed on the Website, so that amendments could be made.

ii  Matters arising

  1. The result of the Ukraine Appeal had been published on the bulletin.
  2. Parish diaries – this was still under review.
  3. A leaflet for non-Catholics to explain the history of the Stations of the Cross devotion was in progress.
  4. Dementia Awareness. Further information concerning support meetings would be available in due course
  5. An appeal was to be made for more Readers for the 11.30 Mass

3. Parish Celebration Garden Party Review.

This had been an enjoyable occasion and had raised £1,200 for Project Zimbabwe. However, it had been extremely hard work for members of the Core Group and friends or family, as so much furniture had to be moved and set up.

There was a general shortage of volunteers to help setting up and clearing away events, despite appeals. It was acknowledged that families with children may find it difficult to find the time to help, although there had been great support from young families attending on the day.

A suggestion was made to combine the With You Always programme with the Parish Garden Party as a celebration of First Communion. A decision on this was deferred.

Another suggestion was to use the Garden Party as the culminating celebration of a week of Mission-type evenings during the preceding week of May 6th 2017.

A third suggestions was to have it following a morning Retreat.

Action : a subgroup of Liturgy, Spirituality and Mission representatives was to be held to scope possibilities. (RP/JH/GJ)

4. Roles and Responsibilities of Core Group members

There is a degree of overlap between Liturgy, Admin and Spirituality, and to a lesser extent, Mission.

It was clarified that while Admin. covered the daily and weekly rotas, Liturgy would be responsible for the big events such as Christmas and Easter, where special arrangements were necessary. 

5. Parish Awakening follow up day in May 2017

Doubts were expressed as to the wisdom of undertaking a repeat of the large-scale event of 2016.  A compromise of workshops and talks was to be covered by the Liturgy/Spirituality/Mission subgroup taking into account the discussion regarding Item 3 (the Parish Garden Party).

6. Updates from sub-groups

  • Catechesis
  1. The new with You Always programme to prepare children for First Communion on 20th and 21st of May, 2017, was set to start, with 7 sessions and two Celebrations, one at Christmas and one at Easter. There were 60 children at present, with probably more to be added. The Confirmation element of the scheme was being replaced with sessions on the Beatitudes and Our Lady, and there will be an hiatus of 4 or 5 years before a Confirmation will be held again. This change by the Archbishop to the order of Sacraments will involve considerable extra expense for the Parish, as the books are expensive.  Fr. Tim’s book on Freddie Freckles and the sacraments could still be used for some of the sessions.
  2.  RCIA or ‘Journey in Faith’ for those interested in the Catholic Church, will be starting shortly. Twelve names had already come in for St. Mary's parish, so it might be possible to run separate schemes for each parish.
  • Mission
  1. A suggestion was made of holding a Baptism Reunion for all families whose children had been baptised during the year – about 50 to 60 families on average. A decision on this was deferred to a later meeting.
  2. Following on from the success of the Churches Together in Mossley Hill Social Walking Group, it was planned to start a Social Lunch Plus on the 4th Wednesday of each month in Bishop Eton. All were invited to bring a picnic lunch for themselves, or to share, to be followed  by varied Gospel-based input. The first meeting will be held on Sept. 28th 2016.
  3. More could be done to publicise the fact that the church is open during the day, perhaps by a notice on the door on days when elections were being held in the Fisher-More Hall.
  • Spirituality

12 noon daily Mass, it is proving problematic to balance the needs of those who want quiet before Mass with those who want to say the Rosary out loud as a group. The pre-Mass Rosary Group is finding it difficult to finish their prayers by 11.50am as agreed..  

Action : Rosary Group leader to be reminded of agreement and the situation was to be monitored. (RP)


  • Liaison with schools
  1. Talks had been given to the Year 6 classes of both primary schools to advertise the justice and Peace group.
  2. St. Julie’s has been very generous and helpful in donating educational resources to the school  in Zimbabwe. 
  • Liturgy

GJ was to shadow CA, and then to take over the post. CA has been asked to remain on the Core Group and has accepted.

  • Finance
  1. The accounts for the last 6 months had been prepared and presented to the meeting. A loss on revenue from the sale of newspapers continues.  There has been a rise in income from Gift Aid.
  2. There will be substantial expense in the future to re-wire and upgrade the Fisher-More Hall, including replacing the rear wall to a satisfactory standard.
  • Administration
  1. A new Parish Administrator had been appointed, HM. She will be part-time at the moment, while KR reduces her hours.
  2. The following dates had been arranged for the lead-up to Christmas.

10th Dec. Nugent Care Concert

11th Dec. Christmas Flower Arrangement session.

12th Dec. Carlton House  Carol Service

16th Dec. Traditional Carol Service with organ.

18th Dec. Children’s WYA Nativity service

20th Dec. Parish Celebration of Carols.

  • Hospitality
  1. The Team will purchase refreshments at the carol services on the 16th and 20th Dec. Help will be required in serving on the night from those attending both services. Action: Andrew Sharples to be informed.
  2. The numbers coming in after the Novena were disappointing.
  • Links with St Mary’s

  A List of the regular occurring activities at St. Mary’s were now on the website.

7. Any Other Business

  1. Work on the `History of BE booklet` continues
  2. Fr. Tim was invited to attend a celebration in honour of his 70th Birthday, to be held after the 12 noon Mass on Saturday 24th Sept.
  3. A request had been made to speak about the Rosary at all Masses on the first weekend of October had been received. After consideration of this and other end of Mass requests this was turned down. 
  4. There are difficulties getting into the Children’s liturgy cupboard. 

Action : Trish will sort out when she can. (TBr)

8. Date of next meeting

Wed. Nov.9th, 8pm the Hughes Room.


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