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BE GREEN meeting 17th September 2019

The first BE Green meeting was held on September 17th 2019 at it four members of the Justice and Peace Group shared with us some thoughts which had been collated by Lizzie H.

1. As the Justice & Peace Youth Group to the Parishes of Bishop Eton and St Mary’s, we would like to share with you our thoughts and concerns that we have shared together.


2. Environmental changes and global warming mean that our lives as adults could be different to yours today, as we won’t have half as many opportunities as you all have today.

3. We are seeing;

    • rising water levels, due to ice caps melting
    • rising temperatures, affecting us and countries near us like Spain.
    • Extreme weather conditions
    • Extinction of some species of animals, which younger generations will never get to see due to our selfishness
    • Sea life affected by plastic pollution, which is now an ever-growing concern
    • Food shortages in some countries
    • Fires in the Amazon, known as the lungs of our planet.

solidaritywiththepoor4. Most worryingly, the poorest in our world, who are already in tough conditions as it is, will be the most affected.

5. The World Health Organisation in 2015 estimated that pollution costs us £54 billion every year. Imagine what else that money could be used for.

6. So what should our priorities be?

    • Money is available. The fire at Notre Dame showed this, as many people quickly rushed to donate lots of money for the restoration. Could similar amounts be spent on issues like the Amazon?
    • Clean air and water need to be our number one goal, as we need them to survive.
    • We need to address global warming, the melting in the Antarctic region shows us that.
    • We need to recycle more and use landfill less.

7. What other issues will we need to consider?

    • Brexit might mean we are importing from and exporting to countries further away. This would add to our carbon footprint.
    • Fracking, some argue, may contaminate water and lead to mini earthquakes.

8. To summarise, we as young people, face a world where…

    • A growing population will be relying on less fertile land to grow crops.
    • More unstable weather.
    • An increase in world poverty.
    • And, in conclusion, a worse lifestyle.

9. That is why we must act to address these issues today, so that the price we pay tomorrow is not too high.