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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team Agenda

Time:    Wed. 14th May 2014 at 8pm

Venue: Monastery Library



Fr Tim Buckley Parish Priest TB
Chair AC
Ass't Chair NMc
Admin. KR
Liturgy CA
Mission JH
Finance DM
Catechesis TBr


Schools, University, Youth FS



Welcome and introductory prayer

 Led by NMc


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising :

A booklet describing the history of Bishop Eton is in progress, but it is hampered by the lack of archived material.

Action: Enquiries to be made regarding possible archives held at Clapham. (KR)


Parish Celebration summer 2015

A proposed, July 12th, subject to permission to use the monastery grounds being given by the Rector.  It was commented that the leylandii in the garden caused too much shade and therefore the ground was wet and the garden colder than other areas during the afternoon of the garden party.

Action: enquiries to be made as to cost and legality of pruning ahead of the parish celebration. (T Bu)






Social afternoon to welcome new parishioners

Saturday afternoon, June 20th a social will take place in Fisher -More Hall.  New parishioners, particularly those who may be new to Liverpool will be invited via the bulletin and word of mouth

Action : this to be organised and communicated (KR)

Childwall in Bloom, Sunday June 11th, 2 – 4 pm at Hope University.  The organiser had contacted Bishop Eton to invite it to run a stall to promote the parish in the community.

Action: the invitation to be accepted, and publicity photographs organised. (AC)


Fisher-More tables.

A decision has yet to be made.

Action: the tables already bought by St. Mary’s to be assessed. (KR, TBu)


A Day Conference/Symposium in early Autumn, for both parishes, with the theme of improving and renewing parish life and practice, as outlined by Fr.Buckley in a recent bulletin was unanimously agreed.  Members of Bishop Eton and St Mary’s core teams will form a working party to organised the event.

Action: a venue to be arranged.

Action: format and other details to be discussed by a sub-committee with Chair and members of St. Mary’s Council on Tuesday 26 May at 2pm (AC, TBr, JH)


Forthcoming activities and recent achievements from sub-groups


There are 68 children preparing for first holy communion and confirmation.  Attendance by parents has greatly improved over the course of the programme.

Mission and Spirituality.

RP and DP have volunteered to attend a national meeting to promote Proclaim 15, an initiative from the Bishops.

Over 40 people are involved in the Ecumenical group with about 20 attending the monthly walks

Liaison with Schools and Youth

– nothing to report.

Liaison with St. Mary’s

-   a joint planning group has been arranged to prepare the parish conference


  1. The 8.30 a.m. Mass now has an organist, which is greatly appreciated.
  2. Two new Readers were required for the 11.30 Mass.


         Statements were presented (see separate sheets).

Substantial savings have been made by switching service providers during the course of the year.  However, the cost of some items have left a deficit, most notably newspapers on sale in the porch was not matched by revenue.  Loss of revenue was over £1400

Action : a note to go on the bulletin to remind parishioners to pay for any papers separately from the offertory. (DM,KR)


– nothing to report.


  1.  Comments had been made by the Historic Churches Commission, concerning the number of notices and posters displayed within the church itself.   Fr Tim has written to the HCC in response to its concerns.

 Action : a display screen will be placed in the porch as an experiment, to maximise space for notices there.  (KR)

  1. A note was due to be placed on the bulletin before each   Core Group meeting, to invite items for discussion.  Items may be emailed to the parish address or given in writing at the monastery

Action: bulletin notice to be placed inviting agenda items.  (KR)


AGM for full Parish Council.

The date for this will be arranged in advance of the Parish Celebration on July 12th


Any Other Business

Updating the Parish Directory was discussed.  The matter will be revisited in autumn with a view to producing the new directory for distribution at Christmas


Date of next meeting, Wed. June 17th, 8pm.


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