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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team Agenda

Time:    Wed. 21st Jan. 2015 at 8pm

Venue: Monastery Library



Fr Tim Buckley Parish Priest TB
Chair AC
Assistant Chair NMc
Admin. KR
Liturgy CA
Mission JH
Finance DM
Schools, university and  Youth FS


Catechesis TBr



Welcome and introductory prayer

 Led by AC & NMc


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:

1. Tables for Fisher-More Hall.

The tables at St. Mary’s are to be viewed re weight and cost (KR/AC)

Action: a date to be arranged.

2. The Divine Mercy group’s First Friday Holy Hour had begun.

3. RW has had to stand down from the team at the present time and will hopefully return in the near future


Review of Christmas Celebrations

No problems had been experienced with either the Parish Carol Service or the 7 pm Christmas Eve Family Mass. 

The church was comfortably full for both. Last year’s overcrowding at the Family Mass did not re-occur. 

However, parishoners were given insufficient notice of the Carol Service, therefore an early message in the bulletin will appear next time.


Hope University research request

A letter had been received from a student at Hope, seeking volunteers to interview as part of research into religious practice and experience.

Action: more information to be sought from the student re length of interview, how many volunteers needed, nature of the questioning etc. (KR)


AGM for full Pastoral Group

Fr Buckley advised this be delayed until after Easter, by which time any changes to the clergy would be known.


Forthcoming activities and recent achievements from sub-groups


  1. Fr. Buckley expressed concern that some parents whose children are being prepared for sacramental programmes seemed not to prioritise attending sessions or Sunday Mass, and was addressing this by means of a letter.
  2. Catch-up sessions were to be offered to those who have missed Confirmation in past years. (TBr)

Mission and Spirituality

  1. A booklet will be produced outlining the history of Bishop Eton,  incorporating notes on aspects of church symbolism and furnishings that might be new to all visitors including those who are not Catholic.

    Action : a small team will produce a draft (CA, JH, AC)

Liaison with Schools and Youth

  1. St. Julie’s had been thanked for providing singers for the Carol Service.
  2. Enquiries will be made to St. Julie’s regarding the cost of printing the above booklet after completion.
  3. The Youth Group (12 – 17)

Numbers were still low. The age-range was to be re-thought.

Liaison with St. Mary’s - nothing to report. (KR)


  1. A parish outside the diocese was visited which had good practice re: inclusion.  Hand held microphones are used by those who lack sufficient mobility to read from the pulpit.  The readers sit in their benches and are clearly heard by the congregation 


  1. The ongoing programme of maintenance was progressing, along with updating lighting, and the installation of emergency lights and heat sensors as required by the Archdiocese.
  2. Some of the exterior sandstone and metal supports will need replacing soon, to avoid further damage.
  3. Two-thirds of the cost of removing tree-roots from the drains had been met by insurance.
  4. About £2000 per annum was raised for the parish by the collection of waste-paper.
  5. A great deal of time had been spent renegotiating fuel contracts for the church and Fisher More Hall.  New contracts have been signed which should bring about cost savings for both buildings


  1. Preparations for the Parish Helpers Evening are going well.  The event will take place on 23 January at 7.00 in Fisher More Hall


  1. St. Julie’s are generously printing the BE Alive magazine, therefore money raised by selling advertising space is accumulating in the admin budget.  This money will be used to pay for the BE booklet above (6b)


Proclaim ’15

This new initiative being launched by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales to be discussed more fully at a later meeting.  A one day conference will be held later on 11 July 2015 where it is proposed that the parish is represented 


Any Other Business

An idea seen as good practice in another parish will be undertaken.  Two weeks prior to each Parish Pastoral Core Team meeting there will be an invitation in the bulletin inviting items for the agenda from the parish in general (KR)

There is a need to make better use of the church porch possibly by rearranging notice facilities and using smaller tables.  Further discussion required  (KR, AC, JH)


Date of next meeting, Wed. 18th March, 8pm.


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