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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team Agenda

Time:    Wed. 12th November 2014 at 8pm

Venue: Monastery Library



Fr Tim Buckley Parish Priest TB
Catechesis TBr
Acting Chair and Admin. KR
Liturgy CA
Mission JH


Chair AC
Ass't Chair NMc
Liaison with Schools FS
Hospitallity & Liaison with St Mary's RW
Rev John Keeley Deacon JK
Finance DM

Agenda                                                                                Action


Welcome and introductory prayer



Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising :

Minutes agreed with few minor amendments.

Tables for Fisher-More Hall:   It is proving very difficult to source light-weight stackable tables, at a reasonable price. Still researching.



Advent and Christmas.

  1. Crib gifts for distribution to families in need will be collected on Sun.7th Dec. Nugent Care asks that the gifts not be wrapped.
  2.  Nugent Care Carol concert in church on Sat. 13th Dec KR to do Sacristy.
  3. There will be a Parish Carol Service, broadly on the same lines as last year, on Mon. Dec.22nd. A planning meeting will be held on Wed. Dec. 10th.


First Friday Adoration.

A letter had been received from the Divine Mercy Prayer Group, requesting a Holy Hour, 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm each Friday.

This was feasible, subject to various practical details being resolved by the Divine Mercy Group, such as a EMHC being available to expose the Blessed Sacrament, and a sacristan to lock the church.

Action: the Group to be advised of these necessary details.



AGM for full group.

Fr. Buckley advised that this would be better postponed until Easter 2015, by which time clergy changes, if any, would be clearer.


DBS checks.

There are still some checks outstanding.

Action: the situation regarding professional teachers was to be clarified, as conflicting advice had been received as to whether they needed to complete the Archdiocesan forms.



DBS checks

These were needed for all those holding any position in the parish. 


Forthcoming activities and recent achievements from sub-groups


a. The ‘With You Always’ programme, now on its third year in the parish, was working well.

b. There were now three trained Baptism Preparation teams in the parish, with the possibility of a fourth.

Mission and spirituality

Hangings for St Gerard’s Chapel have arrived. The notices in the chapel need to be improved. Nearly 3000 St Gerard medals have been distributed since the Feast Day.

Liaison with schools and youth

Nothing to report.

Liaison with St Mary’s

Nothing to report.


Training session for new altar Servers needs to be planned before Christmas

Action: format of pre- Midnight Mass service to be planned.


Accounts for the 9-month stage of the financial year had been prepared.

Electrical work on the church is fairly imminent.


Arrangements for the Parish Carol Service will be discussed on Wed. Dec. 10th.


Covered in previous items.



Any Other Business

 No items raised.

9 Date of next meeting:  Christmas Planning Meeting – Wed 10 Dec 8pm  


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