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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team 

Time:    Monday 20 November 2017 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



 Fr Tim Buckley      Parish Priest       TB
 Chair  AC
Liturgy GJ
     Various  CA
 Mission       JH
Catechesis    TBr
 Finances  DM
  Administration  HM
Building Maintenance  KR
Hospitality  CL
Spirituality  RP



Links with schools and university  FS
Assistant Chair NM
   Links with St Mary's   MZ



1.Introductory prayer

 Fr Tim led the introductory prayer

2. Welcome, apologies, Minutes and matters arising

a. GJ has decided to step down from his liturgy role as he is finding his Deacon training very time consuming. Possibilities for replacements of the role were agreed.

Many thanks were expressed to Gergely for all of his hard work.

Action: AC to approach possible replacement.

b. It was agreed that the 10.00am and 6.00pm music groups need to compile a list of equipment they require as a group.

Action: discuss with each group once completed. (MZ)

c.Specialist music holders are needed to clip on to the benches. It was suggested that someone in the music group may have a contact who can make them. They will contact the person in mind. Parish will cover the cost.  (KR)

d. A metal bar has now been made and installed on the shed.

e. The hours and routine of the cleaner of the Fisher-More Hall to be addressed.

Action: TB to speak to cleaner.

f. BELL (Bishop Eton Lending Library) is now up and running.

g. AC met with Flower Arranging Team who explained the different levels of flowers required depending on the wedding. If a couple wishes the team to provide flowers for the service there will be a charge of £50. It was agreed that a leaflet explaining this in further detail will be provided by AC, and given to engaged couples at meetings on 24th & 25th November.

Action; AC to provide leaflet. HM/KR to put into Marriage booklets/hand out at engaged couples` meetings.

3. Parishioners Items - following bulleting notices

HM advised that she had received no requests from parishioners for the agenda.

4. Christmas Services

Dates received for Christmas events;

3rd Dec Nugent Toy Appeal;

5th Dec, Bereavement Support;

9th Dec, SVP Healing Mass;

10th Dec, Wreath making;

11th&12th Dec, Reconciliation services;

15th Dec Women’s Group mulled wine event;

17th Dec With Your Always Nativity;

18th Dec Parish Celebration of Carols;

23rd Dec, Traditional Carol Service.

Action: TBr and HM to print Parish Carols service booklet in-house.

Action: Notice in bulletin inviting parish groups to have a representative at the service

Action: HM/KR to ask flower arranging team to prepare the Christmas tree.

Action: HM/KR to provide an updated list of parish groups.

Action: Choir to move the chairs from the hall, ready for the Family Mass on Christmas Eve following Traditional Carol Service

Action: TB to remind parishioners that 7pm Mass is really for families and that y4+ children may bring cushions for sitting on the floor in the sanctuary

5. Guidelines for church feedback

AC said she had received a lot of positive feedback, and only one negative which had been followed up.

TB had received several negative and also a lot of positive comments.

In hindsight, the guidelines should have been published on a different day from the ‘Open Letter’.  It was agreed that the guidelines should be given out by Catechists for baptism families, weddings etc. It was also decided that the word ‘modestly’ would be removed

Action: TB to redraft guidelines for review at the next meeting. 

6. Buildings

The church refurbishment works, particularly in Lady Chapel, have reached a standstill.

John Byrne has spoken to the Archdiocese on many occasions to push the work along. The roof, gutters and drains need immediate attention.

Action: TB, AC, KR, DM to meet with John Byrne on 22 November to discuss and find a way forward.

7. Safeguarding

Safeguarding requirements, particularly at Little Church were discussed, since it appeared that several parents, visiting BE with little children, had been turned away from FMH on Sundays at 10am.  It was agreed that parents should not be turned away on any occasion.  However, if a parent wishes to attend Little Church on a regular basis he/she is, therefore, acting as a catechist and will require a valid DBS and catechists training.

Action: Little Church catechists to be made clear of the legal requirements agreed above

8 Summer garden party

The Garden party will take place on 17th June.

TBr has asked WYA families to attend and help out. It was suggested that other groups such as ‘Beyond Sunday’ can be asked to volunteer also. 

Action: A volunteer needs to be found to coordinate all of the action on the day

Action: Garden Party to be put into the diary and Allerton Brass to be contacted         

9 What next? An open letter

The letter has gone out to everyone except for children in St Julies, which is in process. Responses have now started coming through.

AC asked where it would leave the Parish Core Team, to which TB advised that it would stay as it was with the other groups feeding in to it

10. Updates from sub-groups


WYA is now up and running although 15 children didn’t attend the last session.

Engaged Couples – There will be a meeting for couples who are planning to get married in the parishes next year, they will be held on Friday 24th November and Saturday 25th November for both St Mary’s and Bishop Eton.

Action; TBr to get names of people who would like to be confirmed/received into the church.


The finance summary was reviewed.


 DBS renewal forms have been sent out and are gradually being returned and updated. 

Links with St Mary's

 Awaiting information on Advent Events at St. Mary's.


 Helpers will be required for Parish Celebration in January and for both carol services. A new portable tea urn has been purchased as the old one had broken.  


 There will be a Eucharistic Congress next year. Pastoral area talking about it, even a Freddie Freckles story has been written.

TB has arranged for the Archbishop to visit our Primary schools.

No updates from Mission, Liaison with schools or Liturgy

11. Any Other Business

Parish Social will be held on 12th January 7.00pm – 10.00pm Action: TB/CL

Benchmark fundraising event – date to be agreed. Action: KR/MZ

Novena Mission - TB will be going to Clapham and they will send someone here, possibly a student. Action TB

TB presented some information on a refugee resettlement programme. 

Action: AC to look at the paperwork.

12. Date of Next meeting

      Jan 17th at 8 pm in the Hughes Room.


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