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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

Parish Core Team Minutes 

Time:    Wednesday 25 January 2017 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



Fr Tim Buckley        Parish Priest  TBu
Chair     AC
Assistant chair NMc
Various CA
Mission   JH
Catechesis TBr
Finances DM
Links with schools and university FS
Links with St Marys MZ
Liturgy GJ
Administration HM


Administration  KR 
Hospitality CL
Spirituality RP




1. Introductory prayer 

NMc  led the prayers 

2. Welcome, apologies, and distribution of minutes.

Matters arising:

a. Outside noticeboard

Catalogues of suppliers were compared.

Action: More costings were required and possibilities scoped, particularly its positioning. (KR/JH)

b. Music Fund

An application for money to cover the cost of extra soloists, music and other expenses had been received from the parish organist AS.

Action: further thought was necessary and discussion to be held. The desirability of making more use of unpaid musicians from the parish to be raised (AC/DM)

c. Baptism

The Archdiocesan Baptism Preparation scheme recommends a ceremony to introduce the new baby to the parish before baptism, ideally during Mass..

Action: the Parish Baptism Preparation team to be contacted to solve any practical or timetabling difficulties. (TBr)

3. Review of Christmas services and helpers social 

a. Parish Celebration of Carols: had been well-supported and enjoyed, particularly the effect of the combined music groups and Allerton Brass. The event involved organising, which would have benefited from the preparation subgroup 

Action : a subgroup to be set up in good time for next Christmas as it has been in previous years.  (ALL)

b. Christmas Eve 7 pm Mass: As in previous years, this had a huge attendance, not necessarily of the target group (families with young children).  For various reasons, sitting children on the floor of the Sanctuary posed especial difficulties this year, as well as safety issues.

Action: A limited number of chairs to be provided on the Sanctuary next year for adults and families. No unattended children to be on the Sanctuary 

c. Midnight Mass: Two issues to be born in mind for next year:

An EMHC to be assigned to take Holy Communion up to the choir loft.

Photographs  should be taken sensitively with regard to the nature of the service/ Mass and to avoid distraction to others where possible

d. Parish Helpers Social: had been well-attended and greatly enjoyed. The Chair expressed thanks to the Hospitality Team headed by Cath Lines, for making it possible, as well as for providing refreshments after the two Carol Services.

4. FMH fencing

The fence at the back of the Fisher-More Hall is rotting.  Replacing it will cost around £500.  The decision was made to remove it but not replace it as it brings about no increase in security.

5. Requests  for help

  1. Liverpool Hope University research project: researchers had been referred to the Association for Divorced and Separated Catholics, rather than seeking respondents to questionnaires in the parish.
  2. Aid to Churches in Need: A pulpit talk was agreed to in principle.

Action: September was acceptable, but dates being used for missions appeals to be double-checked to avoid clashes   (HM)

6. Meeting with St Mary’s PCT and ways forward

A small group representing Bishop Eton Core Group had met with their counterparts in St. Mary’s. The emphasis of the meeting was on how the burden could be lessened on the clergy, and to try and futureproof the running of the parishes.

Action: Fr. Tim offered to produce an essay on how he felt the laity could make his work easier. (TBu)

Action: a 1:1 meeting to be held between the respective chairpersons of the two Parish Councils, to discuss streamlining and mutual support. (AC)

7. Updates from sub-groups

  • Catechesis
  1. With You Always, preparing children for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion is progressing well.  All the children in the group have now received First Reconciliation.
  2.  RCIA for adults interested in becoming Catholics in both parishes is being held in St. Mary’s. The participants had very varied needs with regards to the Sacraments, with some needing only Confirmation whereas others had not been baptised. Numbers had fallen off somewhat.
  3. Baptism Prep – covered in earlier item.
  • Mission
  1. The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity had been observed in Bishop Eton by using the official prayer at all Masses.  Fr Tim preached at Dovedale Baptist Church and Bishop Eton provided readers for the United Service at Mossley Hill Parish Church.  Sadly, there was no one available from the other churches to take part in services in Bishop Eton.
  2. Fr Tim to attend a meeting in February of clergy from other churches to discuss the way forward for Churches Together in Mossley Hill.
  3. Rosemary Poole to provide lay-led Stations of the Cross services in Lent.
  • Liaison with schools
  1. The Youth Justice and Peace group had produced 49 Christmas Shoeboxes, as well as knitted blankets for a Women’s Refuge.
  2. The proposed Retreat had had to be postponed, because of building work in St. Julie’s.
  • Liturgy

A need for training to help and encourage readers at Masses had been identified.

Action: the Archdiocese to be approached.

  • Finance
  1. A new financial statement will be made available shortly.
  2. Two-thirds of offertory envelopes were now covered by Gift Aid, which is very beneficial to the parish.  An appeal to encourage new people to sign up for Gift Aid to be held in March.
  • Administration

The Parish Office will be moving to Fr Rector’s present more spacious office, which will greatly benefit all those involved in the day-to-day running of the parish. Thanks were expressed to Fr Burns.

  • Links with St Mary’s

Information re events was being relayed in both directions. Events advertised on St Mary’s bulletin were being advertised on the website

 8. Any Other Business

  1. Following on from the success of the International Social, a monthly simple lunch will be introduced after the 10am Sunday Mass.
  2. A webcam may make it possible for the housebound to feel included in the Sunday Masses.

Action:  Legal and other considerations to be scoped. (MZ)

9. Date of next meeting: 

Wed. 8th March 2017


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