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Parish Core Team Minutes

Monday 16 September 2013 at 8pm



Fr Tim Buckley   Parish Priest TBu
Chair AC
Assistant chair NMc
Liturgy CA
Mission JH
Administration KR
Liaison with St Mary's RW
Hospitality CMc
Finance DM     


Apologies :

Schools, Universities and youth  FS 
Catechesis  TBR 
Rev John Keeley Deacon  JK

1. Welcome and introductory prayer   (AC, NMcL)

2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising. (AC)

No matters arising. 

3. Review of parish celebration

This had been a great success. The intention had not been to fundraise, but the resulting £1,600+ had been sent to Zimbabwe. Thanks to all members of the parish for supporting such a happy event AC

4. Work in Zimbabwe

FS has safely arrived in Zimbabwe. She will use her time there to scope the educational situation. She will report to the parish upon her return.

Action: A note to be placed in the bulletin informing the parish of the money sent from the parish celebration, and also asking for prayers for Frances safety and work during the next month (KR)

 5. Organ fund raising

The refurbishment work on the church organ has been completed, at a cost of £15,200 plus VAT. The pulpit appeal had raised £2,000.

Action: Enquiries to be made to see if the VAT could be claimed back due to charitable status. (DM)

Action: Fundraising events to make up the shortfall to be researched. (CMc)

 6. Christmas concerts and events.

Nugent Care and Street Child Africa have booked the Fisher-More for their Christmas events.

Parish Christmas service to be held on Monday 23rd Dec., with music and mulled wine. No charge, but donations invited. (AC, CMc)

 7. Forthcoming activities and recent achievements from sub-groups 

  • Catechesis.

Year 4 programme going very well.

A letter to go to all school parents to encourage continuing Mass attendance. (TBu)

  • Mission and spirituality.

A repeat of last year’s Hawkstone Day is planned for Oct. Date to be confirmed.

A note to go on the bulletin appealing for extra people to fill slots in Exposition rota. (KR)

Those in over-staffed slots to be contacted with a view to switching to other times. (JH)

  • Liaison with St Mary’s.

FS to be asked to give talk to St. Mary’s on Zimbabwe when she returns. (RW)

  • Liturgy.

A Parish Reconcilation service to be held for Advent. Not for all Pastoral Area this year.

The shortage of Altar Servers is to be addressed, particularly targeting the older primary school children and the new Youth Group. (TBu)

Research needed into what other parishes find successful for recruiting and retention of Altar Servers. (CA)

  • Finance. (DM)

The maintenance and improvement programme continues.

The Hughes Room had been repaired, with the Archdiocese meeting the cost.

New security cameras have been installed.

The parish priest’s office has been renovated, to provide a welcoming space for visitors.

Work outstanding includes repairs to the Fisher-More Hall, and to some of the windows in church.

The Parish accounts have been displayed in the church.

A claim has been submitted for Tax Relief, which should raise £20,000.

  • Hospitality.

Lighter and foldable tables are being sought for the Fisher-More hall. This will make it easier for users, and free up space on the stage. (CMc)

  • Administration.

The data base continues to be a good resource.

St. Julie’s Graphics Dept. had produced dummy copies of B.E. Alive. Details of costing to be obtained. (KR)

Sample copies of other bulletin formats were to be obtained for the next meeting. (KR)

Any Other Business.

The SVP will be invited to run a Harvest Mass food collection. (CMc)

The Knights of St. Columba had written requesting a pulpit appeal for new members. They will be invited to submit an article for B.E.Alive instead, as last year. (KR)

Date of next meeting.

Monday 4th November 2013 at 8 pm.


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