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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team Agenda


Time:   Monday 16 November, 2015 at 8pm

Venue: Monastery Library



Fr Tim Buckley Parish Priest TB
Chair AC
Assistant Chair NMc
Admin. KR
Mission JH
Schools, University, Youth FS
Liturgy CA


Catechesis TBr
Finance DM



Welcome and introductory prayer


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising :

  1. New tables have not yet been ordered.  A date to view possible tables at St. Mary’s will be arranged.     (KR)


Parish Organist        

A further letter had been received from the Parish Organist, raising some payment and contractual issues. 

Action: the terms of the organist’s contract are being clarified with the Archdiocesan Human Resources Dept. (TBu, AC)


Parish Calendar -  special events and dates

  • Sun. 6th December gifts to be brought by children for distribution at Christmas by Nugent Care.
  • 12th December Nugent Care Christmas Concert (BE)
  • Reconciliation services on Mon. 14th Dec (at BE) and Tues.15th Dec. (at St Mary’s) 7.30 pm.
  •  Fri. 18th Dec. Traditional Carol Service in aid of charity (as yet unnamed) arranged by the Parish Organist, with costs met from ticket sales or retiring collection.

 Action: the details of the charity and refreshment arrangements/ use of Fisher-More hall to be finalised. (KR)

  • Saturday 19th Dec. Healing Mass for the housebound (SVP),
  • Sunday 20th Dec. Nativity Service.
  • Monday 21st Dec. Parish Carol Service.
  • Friday Jan. 15th, Parish Helpers Social evening, 7-10pm
  • Sunday 10th July Parish Celebration afternoon.


Parish Awakening

  1. The report has been prepared, and is at the design stage.  It will be printed at St Julie’s.  Copies will be offered to all parishioners on 1st Sunday of Advent.(AC)
  2. A small working-group has been formed, to produce an action plan for the way forward from ideas raised on the day. (AC,FS, JH,KR)

The first main action is that each parish organisation will be invited to give short presentations at Mass about its work, Rolling programme from January. (N Mc)


 Subgroups -forthcoming activities and recent achievements

  1. Catechesis: nothing to report.
  2. Mission and Spirituality: nothing to report
  3. Schools and Youth: Years 7 and 8 parents, and some teenagers, had been recruited to set up a Youth Justice and Peace Group and will be meeting on 7th Dec. Once set up, the group will alternate fortnightly meetings between the two parishes.  The group will be supported by national and local charities and organisations
  4. Liaison with St. Mary’s; care had been taken to coordinate dates for the Reconciliation services and Parish Helpers events, to avoid clashes.
  5. Liturgy: nothing to report.
  6. Finance: a grant application for approx. £190.K. from the Heritage Lottery Fund for remedial work has been submitted
  7. Hospitality: nothing to report.
  8. Admin 

i) extra display boards for the church porch have been ordered,

ii) discussion was held about the bulletin format – to be continued


Any other Business

The loss of income from the Paper Banks was regretted.

Action: the Finance team was asked to scope other possible firms in order to enter a new contract; given the call from Pope Francis leading to our focus on Environmental responsibility at the Parish Awakening day (FS)


 Date of next meeting.

To be arranged – new year.


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