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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team Agenda

Time:    Wed. 30th Sept. 2015 at 8pm

Venue: Monastery Library



Fr Tim Buckley Parish Priest TB
Chair AC
Admin. KR
Mission JH
Catechesis TBr
Schools, University, Youth FS


Assistant Chair NMc
Finance DM
Liturgy CA



Welcome and introductory prayer led by Fr. Tim


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising :

  1. A booklet describing the history of Bishop Eton was in progress, but hampered by the lack of archived material.
  2. The Parish Celebration held in July  was a success and had raised about £1500      


Parish Organist.

A letter had been received from the Parish Organist, raising some payment and contractual issues.  The matters were discussed

Action: note of response to be sent to organist (AC)


Parish Calendar -  special events and dates

  1. Fri. 18th Dec. Traditional Carol Service in aid of charity (as yet unnamed) to be arranged by and at the request of the Parish Organist, with costs met from ticket sales. (Provisional booking).
  2. Sun 20th Dec. Nativity Service.
  3. Mon. 21st Dec. Parish Carol Service at 7pm
  4. Sun, 10th July Parish Celebration
  5. April 25th – 30th, pilgrimage to Rome


Parish Awakening Update

There had been a slight hitch with registering online (now resolved).

65 paper forms had been received, with more expected.

There had been a good spread of opting for the various workshops, and the creche was organised.


Subgroups -forthcoming activities and recent achievements

  1. Catechesis : 73 children were in the With You Always (Sacramental Prep) programme. Parents had been informed that only one session could be missed.
  1. Mission and Spirituality: Meditation sessions were being led by an SND Sister.
  1. Schools and Youth : Years 7 and 8 parents were to be recruited to set up a Youth Justice and Peace Group.
  1. Liaison with St. Marys ; covered by work for Oct. 10th
  1. Liturgy : nothing to report
  1. Finance : a grant application for approx.. £100.000 of remedial building work is proceeding
  1. Hospitality : nothing to report
  1. Admin ; no decisions as yet regarding new tables for the FisherMore Hall – end of October deadline for viewing and ordering suitable tables.  Extra display boards for the church porch not yet ordered.  Research was still in progress. (KR)


Any other Business

None raised.


Date of next meeting. 

  1. Thurs. Oct. 8th  8 pm– Awakening Day group
  2. Wed. 4th Nov.  -  Core group to evaluate outcomes of Parish Awakening Day


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